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Macron defends its anti-terrorism law by appealing to Europe's values

French president gives an unusual speech at the human rights Tribunal on the eve of the end of the state of emergency

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Macron defends its anti-terrorism law by appealing to Europe's values

The fight against terrorism must scrupulously respect human rights because y are se values, a fundamental pillar of Europe, which jihadists want to attack, said French president, Emmanuel Macron, defending this Tuesday in Strasbourg Anti-Terrorism law that will put an end tomorrow to state of emergency in France.

"We are attacked for what we are," said Macron before 45 judges of European Court of Human Rights. "France, in recent years, has been attacked in its heart and not only have sought to kill our citizens, have sought to attack moral consensus of Europeans, have wanted to attack common pillar that we have built and whose foundation is human rights," said French president. Jihadist terrorism, warned Macron, "wants us to believe that [fundamental freedoms and rights] are our Achilles ' heel, when y are our irreducible strength." Therefore, he stressed, "defending liberties is not simply a right, it is a duty and must be defended by both state and citizens." Because what is at stake, he warned, "is our society of liberties, State of civilization in which we live."

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The environment was as solemn as it was exceptional: Macron is first French President, and one of few European heads of State, speaking in courtroom of European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. An unusual scenario that had to give more strength to his speech brought from Paris, in which Macron defended anti-terrorism law that signed day before in framework of respect of fundamental freedoms and rights, vis-a-vis criticisms of those who warn of danger For individual liberties and rights to make permanent exceptional measures which give special powers to state forces and which were initially envisaged only for exceptional moments.

According to Macron, neir France nor rest of Europe and West was "sufficiently prepared for jihadist terrorism we face today." A terrorism of new methods and "deadly ideology" that has led to attacks with unprecedented methods that have surprised those responsible for securing citizen security. That, coupled with "enduring character" of this threat, said Macron, is what has "forced to reorganize deeply" legal framework to face a danger that will be prolonged over time.

Macron signed on Monday "law to reinforce internal security and fight against terrorism" that will raise state of emergency in force in France since attacks of November 13, 2015 in Paris that left 130 dead. The new regulation, which enters this Tuesday into force but which will be applied from November 1, "protects our citizens, but also human rights," said president Galo Tuesday. It is an "effective, respectful, and protective" text of rights and freedoms that "is enrolled in European Convention of Human Rights that" guarantees millions of Europeans protection without equivalents in world and is a model for all humanity, "he insisted.


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