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Macron leads the fight against warming after the departure of America

French president tries to mobilize resources to curb climate change at a summit in Paris

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Macron leads the fight against warming after the departure of America

More money, more effort and less complacency. French President Emmanuel Macron wants to galvanize humanity in fight against climate change, threatened by boycott of Trump's administration to international agreements and by slow response from or countries. Macron called this Tuesday, on a summit on outskirts of Paris, to mobilize financial world and local powers to curb global warming. "We are losing battle," he noted before a half hundred heads of State and Government and dozens of political, philanthropic and business leaders.

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The evidence on reality of climate change accumulates, but humanity is reluctant to definitively renounce polluting energies. This was message of One Panest Summit, a summit convened by new French president to commemorate second anniversary of Paris agreement. Multilateral diplomatic agreements, which have marked, from Rio in 1992, international action against emission of polluting gases are no longer sufficient.

It is time of action on ground, time of market and of cities and regions, as could be found in island Séguin, between municipalities of Boulogne-Billancourt and Sèvres, where for decades historical factory of Renault was located, symbol of one of Large polluting industries of twentieth century. Through halls of concert halls complex on island Séguin paraded captains of industry and philanthropy such as Bill Gates, Michael Bloomberg or Richard Branson, and local leaders such as California governors, Jerry Brown, or Colorado, John Hickenlooper. The discussion boards discussed more about local policies and banking and investment than latest findings in climate science or diplomatic negotiations.

"It's something we learned from China: re only force capable of bringing 88 million people out of poverty was market forces," said a group of journalists Jim Yong Kim, World Bank president, responsible, alongside Elysium and UN, to organize summit. "Here we need something equally historic, and only way to do that is to get investors and financiers to understand that at same time y can make money and do something powerful for world by investing in adaptation and mitigation projects of change" Climatic ". "We need a shock in our production modes," said Macron with or words in Le Monde.

It was not a summit to agree on a document of conclusions or a detailed plan of action, but rar an opportunity for participants to submit projects dedicated to curb climate change and to protect developing countries that already They suffer ir effects. In Paris in 2015, almost 200 countries set goal of preventing temperatures from rising to two degrees Celsius — preferably 1.5 — level of pre-industrial age, but, as several participants recalled, y are already on ir way to higher than two degrees. "Those who were before us could still say, ' We didn't know '." For about twenty years we know it, and we know more and more, said Macron, a world leader in fight against climate change. "Here we play a new stage in our collective battle."

In Paris in 2015, almost 200 countries set as an objective to prevent temperatures from exceeding two degrees Celsius

Neir German Chancellor Angela Merkel nor Russian president, Vladimir Putin, nor Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, attended, but absence that dominated meeting was that of US President Donald Trump. The Government of first World economic power and second emitter of polluting gases, after China, was represented by a high-ranking official of embassy in Paris. American society, and its political system in all its complexity, was in Paris — entrepreneurs, philanthropists, governors, and or politicians — and it did so with a rarely hostile message to its president. "He has adopted a decision that is not based on facts, neir in science, nor in common sense." It is a self-destructive decision, "said former secretary of state John Kerry, who participated as a member of administration of Barack Obama in negotiation of Paris Agreement. "The American people maintain commitment."

Trump was physically absent, but whole summit was a response to announcement last June that with Trump EE he was withdrawing from Paris agreement. No or country has followed its example, but this is hardly a reason for triumphalism for rest.

Market Benefits

"Trump has generated a not necessarily good effect," says Teresa Ribera, director of Institute for Sustainable Development and international relations in Paris, and a secretary of state for climate change in Spain. "On one side, some may say, ' I don't want to wait, I follow. '" From anor, a comfort zone has been created artificially, which allows to say, ' I am still here '. "But it's not worth just going here."

"That re have been many movements does not mean that systemic change has been addressed," continues Ribera. "The three major systemic changes are, first, change of energy model, and this includes transport," he explains. "The or is change of tax models: what taxation correctly orients in terms of consumption or investment of what you want to achieve." And he concludes: "The third is change in financial system." "And se three things have not yet occurred in complete ways."

Thus, it is urgent to abandon transport with polluting fuels, raise taxes for coal and oil, and encourage investments in clean energies, as explained by Kim, President of World Bank, that market will find it more profitable to invest in Clean energies than in dirty.

Trump's abandonment has offered Macron a unique platform. In June he coined slogan make planet Great again (let's make Big Planet again), a game of ironic words with slogan of Trump Make America Great Again (Let's Make America Big again). The Paris summit allows you to enhance your profile and place a medium power like France at heart of fight against global warming.


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