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Macron seeks money against climate change with a summit without Trump

The meeting will try to mobilize public and private funding to curb global warming

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Macron seeks money against climate change with a summit without Trump

French President Emmanuel Macron will try this Tuesday, at a summit on outskirts of Paris, to mobilize public and private money to combat climate change. The presence of half a hundred representatives of governments and dozens of business leaders must serve a dual purpose. First, find money needed to accelerate change of polluting energies to clean and protect most vulnerable from harmful effects of global warming. and second, sending a symbolic message to world: Despite America's withdrawal from climate agreement, rest of world will maintain its efforts.

The date of summit coincides with second anniversary of COP21, international meeting that two years ago concluded with Paris agreement and marked agenda for coming years to climate change. Macron, who has made a flag of this issue since he came to power last May, was first foreign leader to react to President Donald Trump's announcement last June that US government left Paris agreement. And n he coined slogan make planet Great again (let's make Big Planet again), a game of ironic words with electoral slogan Trump, Make America Great Again (Let's Make America Big again).

It is not a question of reaching new agreements on reduction of polluting gases, nor of negotiating objectives to curb rise of temperatures, but of displaying strength of international community to threat posed by climate change and to present Concrete projects. Twelve, as y announced on eve of summit fountains of Elysée that called for anonymity. On Monday, in an event at new campus of technology companies in Paris, Station F, Macron announced 18 scholarships for foreign scientists — of m, 13 scientists working in United States — to engage in climate change research in France. The offer of se scholarships was one of Macron's most media responses to Trump's withdrawal from Paris agreement and proposal in Washington to cut public budgets devoted to science, to idea that climate change lacks scientific basis , that it is a "hoax invented by Chinese" as he said on one occasion.

"I thank you for being here, for responding to call and your decision to come to Paris," said Macron in English. "Our goal is to boost your research, your initiatives, and make sure that you have a place to reach results more quickly and do more."

In Paris, two years ago, almost 200 countries committed to preventing temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius more than pre-industrial levels. "Today, if we continue with trend, we are at 3.5," said Macron. The agreement envisages mobilization of $100 billion annually from 2020 to help countries with less resources to protect mselves and adapt to climate change. Trump's withdrawal, although it will not be fully effective until 2010, also means loss of funding from first global economy. The rest of world has now avoided contagion effect: America is only country in world that has been left out of climate agreement, which does not mean that it is not a decisive actor.

The U.S. government will be represented at one Planet Summit — French have been baptized, in English: The Summit of a planet — by Chargé d'affaires of embassy in Paris, but above-mentioned sources of Elysium insisted that America is much more than Trump. At summit will be attended by governor of California, Jerry Brown, and Colorado, John Hickenlooper, to most figures of business and philanthropic world as founder of Microsoft Bill Gates and former mayor of new York Michael Bloomberg. Among heads of State and Government, will be attended by Mexican Enrique Peña Nieto, Spaniard Mariano Rajoy and British Theresa May. Or countries are represented by ministers. Toger with France, y organise UN and World Bank Summit. The meeting is held on island of Seine where historic factory of Renault was located in southwest of capital.


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