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Madrid City Council to restrict private traffic to Gran Vía since Christmas

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Madrid City Council to restrict private traffic to Gran Vía since Christmas

The city council overlaps holiday court with start of works to expand sidewalks

"It will be a greener and more friendly street, with spaces to sit and where pedestrians are prioritize, who are great forgotten," says Town planning councillor

If you are a driver, do not live in downtown area of Madrid, and you are fond of traveling great way with your car, jams included, you have less than two months to do it for last time. This Wednesday, councillor for Sustainable urban development of city of Madrid, José Manuel Calvo, advanced that great way will be Semipedestrian permanently since next Christmas, as it will take advantage of reduction of three to two lanes per Sense and restriction to private traffic to be repeated in this festivity to immediately n begin enlargement works of sidewalks.

Sources of environment area yesterday explained that device of closing to traffic for Christmas "will be similar" to last year, when it started on December 2 and prohibited passage of vehicles except for residents, drivers who come out or enter a Garage, EMT buses, delivery, taxis and motorcycles, among ors. The cuts were made punctually during days of greater influx to center-eN Total 30 days-and ended on January 8, when it regained normality.

The beginning of next year will not be so, as two lanes are maintained by sense and restrictions while performing works. "It wouldn't make much sense to open big road to traffic after Christmas to start works a month later," Calvo reasoned yesterday in an interview in Buenos días Madrid de Onda Madrid program. According to councillor, " locals will react positively to measure".

Recreation of how Gran Vía will be in its section between San Luis network and intersection with Calle Alcalá. City. From MADRID

The project for extension of sidewalks during Christmas period is currently being processed. «Our idea is to start works of re modeling just after, and to maintain operation based on this enlargement», said about a project for which municipal government will allocate five million euros, of which first 800,000 euros are invested already Throughout this exercise.

After reform, in section between Plaza de Cibeles and Callao, road will pass from six to four lanes, two of each direction. The sides will be reserved for buses and taxis, while in two central bikes will coexist with rest of vehicles and speed limitation for all of m is 30 km/h. Between Plaza de España and Callao, in uphill direction, cyclists will have a space on asphalt for m independent of cars.

At time of carrying out work, idea of town hall is that all pavement of Gran via go to same level. This will allow sidewalks to be no higher than roadway and thus facilitate reduction of lanes. In beginning, although concrete works still have to be explained, consistory shuffled that movable elements are placed bollards or luminous signalling to mark pedestrian lanes, but this point is still to be confirmed.

According to yesterday mayor said, currently spend 50,000 cars a day by artery, but with restrictions-which were previously planned for June, when residential Center priority area was activated- figure will be reduced to 10,000 vehicles Daily. «It will be a more green and friendly street, with spaces to sit and where prioritize to pedestrians, which are big forgotten.» They will be protagonists of great way, ' said mayor of urban development.

Drivers will have to look for alternatives. In no modern city cars cross center, it is unthinkable to do so in cities like London, Helsinki, Stockholm ... «Modernity goes on that line and Madrid was very late», councillor reasoned.

In city Hall said yesterday that plan to cut traffic for Christmas will be presented "in short" and introduce some modification because y have polished aspects that last year did not finish working, although valuation was very positive. According to data offered by consistory in its day, traffic was reduced by 43% in Christmas period and 20% in Cuesta de San Vicente and Princesa.

The municipal groups of PP and citizens regretted yesterday absence of consultations to take this measure, as well as lack of alternatives of municipal government to guarantee mobility of locals, while Socialists supported this Initiative and asked municipal government team to adequately inform all affected groups.

They are unable to guarantee mobility of citizens of Madrid. «The only thing y do is to prohibit», said spokesman of PP in city of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, in reference to municipal government team, reports Efe.

In a statement, socialist spokesman in city council of capital, Causapié purification, stressed that "it is very important that city Council plans in detail this project, in order to detect in advance difficulties that may arise in its "Implementation and identification of appropriate solutions".

For its part, spokesperson of citizens in city of Madrid, Begoña Villacís, forecast an increase in traffic jams with closure of Gran Vía and has urged municipal government to offer alternatives to use of private vehicle as parking Deterrent.

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