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Manager meets Gorilla in the jungle of Gabon - monkey-love at first sight

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Manager meets Gorilla in the jungle of Gabon - monkey-love at first sight

Libreville SHE is a million, mostly in designer clos on road, HE has seen in years no of people living in African jungle.

More contrast is hardly possible and, refore, images of ir meeting are monkey strong: We see Victoria Aspinall (30), wife of British multi-millionaire, and animal activist Damian Aspinall (57), as she snuggles in "Lush Green Forest" in Gabon, with a 127-pound Gorilla.

animal love of celebs
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How did it come to unusual recordings?

16 years Ago, animal rights activists Aspinall Gorilla "Ima moved on" in his wildlife Park in Detroit (England), brought him to 2013 with help of his "Aspinall Foundation" (living donations) back into Wild. Now he wanted to see how his protege, took wife Victoria. With drones you searched for "Ima" – and found him.

Also of interest
The 127-pound colossus of millionaire head ...and clings lovingly to you. Normally, Gorillas, people are over cautious. If y feel threatened, ir bites dangerous photo:

Slowly she approached with boats on river Mpassa, signaled Gorilla with deep glug-Loud peaceful intentions.

"I was terribly nervous," told Victoria later. ",Ima' had never seen me before. But he was so cool, sniffed, making out. It was most Beautiful thing I've ever seen.“

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