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Manuela Carmena temporarily suspended evictions in the housing municipal

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Manuela Carmena temporarily suspended evictions in the housing municipal

Carmena paralyzes 220 evictions

The Board of Directors of Municipal Company of Housing and Land (EMVS) has approved today with votes solo, of Now Madrid, led by Manuela Carmena, suspend temporarily evictions in council housing. This temporary cessation comes after Opinion of Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural rights of United Nations, which condemns Spain for carrying out evictions without Administration provided any alternative housing.

in order to provide an immediate response to families in situation of emergency, delegate of Area of Equity, Social Rights and Employment and president of EMVS, Marta Higueras, has advanced a project of ephemeral constructions that will begin operation in 2018, which will be aimed at families facing an eviction and have no alternative.

The occupation of this resource is temporary and rotary , and from social services will look for a definitive alternative of affordable rents according to ir economic situation.

The Advisory Service to Emergency Residential (SAER), belonging to Directorate of Community Integration and Social Emergency, will be in charge of this pilot project, which includes 70 modular units in building height ephemeral that will be installed on a plot of 3,500 square meters of city Hall of Madrid.

will Be housing three plants which should be divided between five units of 30 square metres (1 bedroom), 25, 45 square metres (2 bedrooms) and 40 units of 60 square metres (3 bedrooms). Of 70 total, four will be aimed at people with reduced mobility.

Fig has explained that powers in field of housing are "exclusive and full of Community of Madrid, but has stressed that municipal corporation has taken various initiatives to facilitate access to decent housing, adequate and affordable family economies with incomes under, having been awarded to 2,200 dwellings on lease.

Higueras has pointed out that Board of Directors has also approved reports of transfer of new parcels from town Hall to EMVS, with awarding of construction of 300 rental units that are part of 4,000 that includes City's Plan for New Housing.

In a statement, Council stresses that objective of corporation is "to recover heritage of municipal housing with that had our city in years prior to massive sales made to vulture funds".

This Plan has a budget of 207.877.304 million euros, which will be built over 4,000 homes which will begin to be awarded at beginning of 2019.

According to Fig trees, are already in execution 625 housing and to end of year will have been recruited by works of 476 dwellings which, when added to 477 homes that are in tender phase of projects, will allow to finish year with 1.588 housing in progress.


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