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Massacre Las Vegas, Trump meets the wounded and invites them to the White House

The U.S. president in town after the shootout in which they lost their lives 59 people and 500 were injured thanks doctors and agents: "You have" >04 Ekim 2017 Çarşamba 10:33 - 14 reads.

Massacre Las Vegas, Trump meets the wounded and invites them to the White House
The president of White House, Donald Trump, is in Las Vegas to meet in hospital, three days after shooting, wounded of massacre on Sunday evening, during which 59 people died and over 500 were injured. The head of White House, along with his wife Melania, was greeted by governor of Nevada, Republican Brian Sandoval, mayor of Las Vegas and sheriff. The presidential couple, arrived at University Medical Center, spoke with wounded, first rescuers and some civilians: "We are with you at 100%". Then he invited White House some of survivors: "I have encountered severely injured patients," he told. "The doctors have done an amazing job. It is a tribute to professionalism, "said Trump applauding forces of order and courage of common people who came to help. After hospital, U.S. president took a stop at Las Vegas police headquarters to meet security forces that intervened during attack. "Seeing work y've done, makes you proud to be American." Starting from Washington, Trump stated that Today "is a very sad day", emphasizing that investigators are garing more and more information about killer, but that y are still unknown motivations that pushed him to massacre. The killer Stephen Paddock, who on Sunday killed himself before police raided suite he was in, fired crowd from window for a period of time between nine and eleven minutes, with semiautomatic rifles that had changed so that Could shoot more rapidamenteTrump, however, he avoided talking about laws on control of sales of firearms, merely announcing that "we will talk about laws on weapons later." During his election campaign for presidential 2016, Trump received support of National Rifle Association (NRA), main U.S. arms lobby, which earmarked millions of dollars to protect Second amendment of American Constitution, which provides right to carry weapons.


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