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Mature is re-elected as president with a record abstention and amid allegations of fraud

Participation is 46%, according to the CNE, and the main challenger, Henri Falcón, is unaware of the results

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Mature is re-elected as president with a record abstention and amid allegations of fraud
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Nicolás Maduro was re-elected this Sunday until 2025 in front of Venezuelan government with a record abstention in a presidential election held in that country. According to official data, disseminated by National Electoral Council, participation reached 46%, although sources of organism quoted by Reuters assure that at close of polling places, at six o'clock in afternoon, it was located in 32.3%. In last presidential elections, held in 2013, nearly 80% of census went to polls. On this occasion, on or hand, one could not even speak of a elections in parity of conditions, since main parties of Bureau of Democratic Unity (MUD), now grouped in broad front, rejected appointment for lacking, assured, of guarantees Democratic. The only real adversary of Maduro-who according to electoral authority won with almost six million votes-was Henri Falcón, who obtained 1.8 million of support and publicly disclosed results denouncing irregularities.

The president had launched a warning to Venezuelans. "votes or bullets," he emphasized in morning after attending his electoral college, in west of Caracas. Hugo Cháveztrataba's successor to conjure abstention. After spreading results came out of Miraflores Palace and appeared before thousands of followers. He spoke of "permanent popular victory", highlighted margin with which Falcón was imposed-67.7% against 21.2%-and called for dialogue.

Maduro emphasized accent on "historical" character of day. However, throughout day, dozens of polling schools, even in popular neighborhoods, looked semiempty, when it is usual to see sidewalks of Caracas occupied by long lines of Venezuelans waiting to vote. It also occurred in Petare, with a high percentage of militants and sympathizers Chavistas and one of most populated in city. "I was told to do tail of Farland card [a system that government uses to have a second record of participation] after I voted and came. I voted voluntarily for Maduro. I believe in him because I hope he solves situation in country. All that has happened is fault of economic war, "maintained one of few electors at that time, adhering to rhetoric used by official to justify a hyperinflation that, according to International Monetary Fund, can lead to Prices rise by 1.8 million% in two years.

That's plot exhibited by State apparatus. "Who was great defeated of today? Abstention. We said that today's vote would go down in history as an anti-imperialist vote, "stated president of National Constituent Assembly (ANC), Delcy Rodríguez. Hours before, Neisa Calderón, pensioner of 65 years, demanded instead a deep turn and lamented procedures of control of population installed by authorities: "I do not know why I must register for card of Farland, but I do it because so I believe that You can validate my vote. I voted because I want situation in Venezuela to change. Orwise I can't find a way to do it. "

Mobilise militants

The about 20 million of citizens enrolled in census were discussed between voting and not knowing this call as requested, for example, formations of opposition leaders Leopoldo López (Popular will) and Julio Borges (first justice). Hence, Maduro made his appeal first thing, trying to instill fear in population and waving ghost of outside enemy.

"Let m say what y want of me, but it is an offense to people of Venezuela to say that re is a dictatorship here," he said. "Today Venezuela with this electoral process is heading for a stage of political stability, I'm sure, I'm sorry, I see it. I call all Venezuelans, all Venezuelans, your vote decides, vote or bullets, farland or colony, peace or violence, independence or subordination, "continued president. In midst of information on a low influx of elections, Maduro also made an appearance on Facebook Live to ask his campaign command to ensure transport of militancy to polling stations.

The president wants to use results to prop up his power, taking advantage of a system that bases his electoral strength on welfare networks. That was central goal of Chavismo, which convened se elections earlier this year with rules of game which, according to vast majority of opposition, favor authorities. In this context, millions of Venezuelans, most of m, decided not to participate. Or voters critical of officialism, instead, opted to support Henri Falcón, only competitor of weight, in hope of visualizing a breakdown of regime.

The results of vote, which are surrounded by allegations of irregularities and suspicions of fraud, show extent of drift of Venezuela, plunged into a terrible economic crisis, but lowest share of country's history also reflects Support for opposition's approach. "I implore Venezuelans not to fall into demoralization. Ripe today is weaker than ever before. We are in final phase of a tragic cycle for our country. has been exposed and world will not know fraud today, "wrote Julio Borges in his Twitter account.

This Monday will also be known reactions of main bodies of international community, very critical of this call, with European Union, United States and powers of Latin America at forefront. The administration of Donald Trump reiterated that it does not intend to recognize results. U.S. Undersecretary of State John Sullivan insisted on it. "We have to make sure that we keep our goal, which are corrupt charges of regime, not Venezuelan people," he said.


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