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Mature threatens opposition governors with new elections if they do not swear to the constituent

"or respect the rules of the game, or respect them," said the president of Venezuela to the leaders of the MUD who won the elections in five states

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Mature threatens opposition governors with new elections if they do not swear to the constituent

The Chavismo put this Friday in clear that it will not leave any space of Venezuelan state for opposition, although this has earned it by votes. And he did so in voice of President Nicolás Maduro, who stated in an intervention in state of Lara (central west of country) that those newly elected provincial governors who refuse to swear to National Constituent Assembly (ANC) of Officialism, y will not be able to assume ir positions and are subject to a measure of disqualification to exert popular positions of choice.

"or respect rules of game, or respect m." "The ANC is suprapower of country and we are all obliged by Constitution to respect its powers," he said.

In addition, he also said mature, in a period of no more than 30 days from moment his respective vacancies are declared, new elections will be convened to select substitutes of se destitute governors.

"Somehow y have to learn," said Venezuelan president, inflexible, addressing public who filled stadium of city of Barquisimeto where he took possession of governorate of Lara Carmen Meléndez, Exalmiranta of Navy and several times Minister in cabinets of Hugo Chavez and his own Maduro. "They only recognize results where y win." "That is a sign of foolishness, of pettiness," president, in allusion to parties that make up opposition alliance, a Table of Democratic Unity (MUD), killed.

Maduro launched ultimatum despite fact that re is no law in Venezuelan legislation that stipulates that an elected authority should swear before constituent. On August 18, only 12 days after its installation, constituent, formed only by deputies Chavez, was reserved majority of political and financial powers of Parliament, of majority opposition. However, current constitution-of whose successor ANC has not yet discussed or its first article, after two months of sessions-establishes that governors must take ir positions before legislative councils of statehood.

On Thursday, constituent Chavista issued a decree ordering legislative councils of 23 states of country to prevent swearing of new governors who, although proclaimed by electoral authority, did not go to ANC to "put on" "Law", as different official spokespersons claim.

The only governors elected in last Sunday's elections who have not complied with that procedure and who, refore, could affect punitive measure announced by Maduro, are those who participated in electoral competition as candidates of The opposition and conquered victory in five states.

These five electing governors-from states of Zulia, Táchira, Mérida, Anzoátegui and Nueva Esparta-now face an existential dilemma: if y do not appear before Chavista constituent y will lose ir positions in all probability, but if y do In practice contradicting a central slogan of MUD and rest of opposition, that is, denunciation of sectarian and illegitimate character of ANC.

Meeting this Thursday in Caracas, five opposition governors announced ir decision to act during current "as a bloc" juncture. According to spokesman of group, Juan Pablo Guanipa, Governor-elect of state of Zulia, given dilemma of wher to attend call of constituent, opted to initiate a process of "popular consultation" in each of its regions: "We will initiate a process of consultation" "With all sectors of society depending on what a pretense of violating constitution has meant."

"What Constitution clearly says is that this is a federal and decentralized country and that, in exercise of autonomy of States, it is up to legislative councils to swear," he continued.

Guanipa also denounced virtual looting that would be suffering dependencies of governorates in five states by outgoing administrations, and hasty "reversion of competencies" of regional institutions towards central government In Caracas.

In meantime, Ministry of Interior issued a resolution this Friday that intervenes, for a period of 180 days, police forces of five states where opposition candidates won governorates.


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