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May renews the Conservative Party's dome to recover lost political pulse

The justice Holder goes to cabinet minister and will be number two de facto Prime minister

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May renews the Conservative Party's dome to recover lost political pulse

The remodeling of government began in a sloppy way, something that runs risk of becoming a brand of house. From official Twitter account of Conservatives was congratulated Chris Grayling, Minister of Transport, for his new position as President of party. The tweet was erased within a few minutes and post, finally, would fall on Brandon Lewis. Former Secretary of state for immigration, aged 46, Lewis replaces Patrick McLoughlin, whose chair at top of Conservative party tottering from disaster of June elections campaign, in which Tories lost absolute majority.

On Lewis, also appointed minister without a portfolio, arduous task of attracting young voters and those from North working regions, both crucial in victories of David Cameron, who flee in mass of party, unable to connect with project, will fall. of May. The loss of militants is a serious problem for Tories, especially when Labor, with Jeremy Corbyn's hand, enjoys best membership figures in his history.

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Toger with Lewis, positions of Deputy President and nine vice-presidencies of party were renewed, in appointments marked by generational relief and diversity. James cleverly, new number two of party, is black and deputy only since 2015. Ben Bradley, one of Vice-Presidents, is 27 years old and came to Parliament in June last year.

The main novelty in government is movement of David Lidington, aged 61, who passes from justice to Cabinet minister and will be de facto number two of Theresa May. It replaces Damian Green, who was forced to resign in December, after only six months in office, for having lied about finding pornographic material on his professional computer. Lidington does not inherit symbolic extra charge of first Secretary of state, who did adorn his predecessor, but, like this, May be right hand. It will replace it, when it is not present, in weekly session of parliamentary questions and will chair important government committees, including those on implementation of Brexit. Lidington's portfolio of justice will pass into hands of David Gauke, who leaves Ministry of Employment.

Apart from this symbolic vice-presidency, vacant by resignation, Downing Street confirmed in its posts heavyweights of government, despite harsh criticisms caused by management of some of m. This is case of Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, a key figure in most anti-European sector and too strong to be fired by a weak Prime minister. Philip Hammond is not in charge of economy, Amber Rudd continues indoors and David Davis will continue to minister of Brexit. The health owners, Jeremy Hunt, and communities, Sajud Javid, are enlarged ir competencies, assuming first Social assistance and second, housing.

In a government deeply divided into European issue, cornerstone of legislature, May maintains balance, of which its own survival depends, between supporters and detractors of Brexit. And it is expected that Tuesday, among second-level changes of government, name a secretary of state charged with designing contingency plans before stage of a breakup with EU without agreement. A nod to hard sector that conveys that it is not ready to be stepped on in second phase of negotiations.

The Norrn Ireland minister resigns

P. G

The first confirmed movement of day was oblivious to May's plans. James Brokenshire resigned as minister for Norrn Ireland for health problems. A small lung injury will bring first minister's old ally to O.R. soon and leave him out of combat for a few weeks, as he himself explained. Something incompatible with oversight of delicate political situation in Norrn Ireland, which takes almost a year without government, to inability of unionists and Republicans to republish executive of power sharing after elections of year Past. A scandal in a clean energy public aid program, which splashes unionists of DUP, broke relations between two political sectors norirlandeses and triggered a political collapse, which Brokenshire has been unable to unlock, in a moment In that future of small nation is played in negotiations of Brexit.


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