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MEP Nigel Farage, architect of the Brexit, will claim his pension to the EU

UKIP's leader entered the institution in 1999 with the recognized purpose of boycotting it

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MEP Nigel Farage, architect of the Brexit, will claim his pension to the EU

Nigel Farage, leader of populist and anti-european Independence Party of United Kingdom (UKIP), will claim pension of 73,000 pounds a year that corresponds to him as a MEP. "Of course I'll take it." I've said it from first day. "Why should my family suffer even more?" said Sunday on a television show from British BBC network, asked about wher he will claim money that would correspond, in 10 years, for his work in an institution in which he entered 1999 with recognized Purpose of boycotting it.

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Paradoxically, 53-year-old pension of Farage could be financed in part by invoice, estimated at about 50 billion euros, which United Kingdom should pony for its outstanding commitments to EU (including pensions). An amount to which populist leader has opposed noisily. Farage, who was one of most visible faces of Brexit campaign and leader of a party whose main message was to leave EU, believes that UK should not have any money to Brussels and would do well to leave club slamming.

Their statements have caused angry responses in most pro-european sector. It is case of Tom Brake, spokesman for Brexit of Liberal Democrat Party, which qualified Farage of "shameless hypocrite". But alluded does not see such hypocrisy anywhere. "I just voted to get rid of my job." I've been turkey that voted for Christmas. "Where is re hypocrisy in that?" he asks.

In any case, Farage said he does not trust to ever receive pension. "Given arbitrary way in which European Union behaves in terms of money, I would be very surprised to get something from it." "I don't think it ever happens," he concluded.


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