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Merkel assesses first day of G-20 Leaders Summit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that the majority of those attending the G20 Leaders Summit in Hamburg pointed out that free and fair trade is needed.

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Merkel assesses first day of G-20 Leaders Summit
Germany Prime Minister Angela Merkel , the majority of those attending the G20 Leaders Summit in Hamburg are free and fair Merkel said at the press conference held at the G20 Leaders' Summit in Hamburg, the meeting was held on the first day of the summit.Merkel said that negotiations on the trade in Zirvede were difficult, and Merkel pointed out that World Trade Organization " emphasized the emergence of the challenge." Most of the participants pointed out that free and at the same time fair trade is needed. " PROTECTION OF CLIMATE Most of the participants in the climate are also involved in the Paris Climate Treaty Merkel underscored that the United States explains that she wants to leave without consent. Merkel explains that she plays a role in the negotiations, and in the working partner's statement, how to express the STRENGTHENING THE TERRORISM Merkel has made it clear that G20 countries in the fight against terrorism are closer to the United Nations Stated that the information sharing will be increased and that especially terrorists "The G20 countries here will express to companies operating their Internet platforms that the sharing of terrorism is expected to be quickly wiped out," said German Prime Minister Merkel, who said the intense negotiations on terrorist propaganda over the Internet were important. NORTH KOREA Merkel pointed out that ballistic missile tests of the top North Korea were also taken into consideration, / Strong> (BMGK). Merkel stated that the situation is worrisome, and he hopes the UNSC will give the answer accordingly. AGAINST HAMBURG SHOWS against the G20 Summit Referring to the demonstrations in Hamburg, Merkel said, "I understand peaceful demonstrations, but violent protesters, policemen, inhabitants of the region and themselves are in danger, which is unacceptable. My whole support is from the security forces working at these times. The leaders later passed on to the Elbphilharmonie Hall to listen to the classic music concert.


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