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Mexican business elite close ranks with Anaya to stop López Obrador

The big businessmen bet, in private, by the candidate of Mexico in front for the presidency of the second largest economy of Latin America

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Mexican business elite close ranks with Anaya to stop López Obrador

López Obrador often remembers in his rallies a migrant who approached him in San Quentin (Baja California) and, as he says, asked him, as Benito Juárez did by separating church and state, he is one who separates political power of economic. "They believe owners of country," has insisted in recent days leader of Morena, amidst greatest wave of attacks between candidate and business elite, including richest man in Mexico, Carlos Slim, after he refused intentions of candidate of R Evertir project of new airport, where entrepreneur has interests.

The uncertainty among entrepreneurs has been in crescendo to extent that Lopez Obrador ( candidate of toger will make history, an electoral umbrella in which y are brunette and party of labor-both of left-, and party Social meeting, of far right) It was consolidated at top of polls and Ricardo Anaya (who heads a coalition of Parties of Centre, left and center) took to take off from third in discord, José Antonio Meade. (PRI, today in government). The goal is to reach June with possibility of reversing polls and to monopolize useful vote of those who do not want victory of leader of Morena, as it is clear from conversations with ten managers consulted, under condition of anonymity.

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The strategy of big businessmen is to consolidate a current of opinion contrary to López Obrador, to extent that its capacity to influence workers is not that of past eras. "Entrepreneurship as a patron does not influence so much," admits one of sources consulted, in tune with close advisors of Anaya. In campaign of Conservative politician- one that has spent most money-y want business support, although y assume that per se y cannot reverse an election.

In recent days, belligerents of leader of Morena against a bunch of entrepreneurs, including first executive of Cinepolis, Alejandro Ramirez, has provoked response of Mexican Business Council, which through a drop-down titled so has not Rejected "categorically" "expressions insulting and slanderous" on some of its most prominent members. The Coparmex, which brings toger 1,600 companies, and Business Coordinating Council, patron saint of employers, have also shown ir support for text. In full scale, Mexican Business Council has reminded López Obrador that private sector generates 90% of formal jobs in United States. However, a good part of that figure-almost eight out of 10 workers-is on payroll of small and medium-sized enterprises and not large corporations.

López Obrador has guaranteed, in face of critics ' attacks, that his economic policy does not contemplate expropriations, that he will respect autonomy of central bank and that it will not raise taxes. It has committed itself to reducing power that big business owners have had so far in Mexico, a country crossed by poverty. More than 50 million people, almost 44% of population, live in a situation of shortages. According to an OXFAM report of 2015, four Mexican billionaires have as much as 50% of country's poorest population; 10% controls more than two-thirds of national wealth and 1% accumulates one-third of total. "You are no longer going to have privilege of sending. There will be guarantees so that y are not persecuted, y will be able to act with absolute freedom, but y will no longer be able to do business under protection of power and through corruption; That's over, "says leader of Morena.

Large entrepreneurs feel period between second and third debates-20 May and 12 June-will be a turning point to calibrate Anaya's chances of victory. In case distance is not reduced with López Obrador, majority of consulted takes for granted that it would produce an approach with leader of Morena to try to file tensions before a eventual triumph. It would be continuation of road traveled so far by Alfonso Romo, entrepreneur and architect of López Obrador Nation project. Although business elite rejection is still frontal, role of businessman of Monterrey, has had an effect between small and medium-sized entrepreneurs, as celebrated from Morena and admit senior executives.

The great disadvantage of this turn is Meade, former Secretary of Treasury, so far favorite for business elite. "It's predictable and that's what entrepreneurs like, who see many of López Obrador's proposals, which are very inconsistent with ir vision. But now y are options are declining, and that makes m approach Anaya, "says a senior manager. "The best president would have been Meade, for his predictability, but his candidacy carries a slab," adds a second employer, referring to unpopularity of government of Enrique Peña Nieto and party for which he aspires to presidency. "Meade's choice is very far away today," he completes a third.

One of aspects that has generated most confusion among big businessmen last week has been change in presidency of PRI. The change of Enrique Ochoa, of more technical profile by Rene Juárez, former governor and closer to bases, has increased uncertainty and distrust among business elite. The intention of PRI's hardest sector to boost candidacy of Meade, more to save tricolor of a debacle at local level that in hope of achieving presidential victory, has not finished sitting well among entrepreneurs. They fear that if dispute between Meade and Anaya for second place is prolonged, distance with López Obrador will become unattainable.

Lopez Obrador's team, composed of a group of competent academics, has shown, both publicly and in ir private meetings with business representatives, ir adherence to se approaches. But most businessmen capital distrust and feel much more comfortable with what y heard from Boca de Anaya and irs, who have promised an orthodox economic line. The only proposal of front-runner who squeaks m is launching of a universal basic income which, in ir opinion, would jeopardize public finances.

From Morena insist that se opinions only represent a very specific part of Mexican business and believe that a majority of m, especially in States, is with López Obrador. The strategy of left-wing training is, above all, to convince foreign investors-mostly large investment funds-. A forum, y say, where welcome to ir promises--above all, that of fiscal prudence--is being "much better."

Public caution

The greatest source of uncertainty among entrepreneurs is absence of an economic team around Anaya, beyond former secretary (minister) Solomon Chertorivski. Unlike or two contenders with options to take presidency-López Obrador has Graciela Márquez, Gerardo Esquivel, Carlos Urzúa and Alfonso Romo, among ors; And Meade has whole team that rode in Hacienda, with Vanessa Rubio and Luis Madrazo in front, leader of Mexico to front does not have a range of interlocutors with investors and economists.

In public, no business or financial leader wants to be clearly positioned. "We keep off line of politics. As in previous elections, we will not take sides with any candidate, says Marcos Martínez, president of Mexican Association of Banks (ABM), who insists on demarcation of any attempt to load to benefit any candidate. Also Gustavo de Hoyos, as a leader of Coparmex, is inclined by no political choice. "We have made decision to care for and respect nonpartisan character. We are talking to all candidates and parties, without exception. And with all re are issues in which we have coincidences and divergences. " Only Juan Pablo Castañón, of Business Coordinating Council, has admitted "nervousness" that rife in guild to certain positions of López Obrador that "threaten creation of jobs". Along same lines, country's largest airline has called on its employees to reflect before casting a vote. It would be one of big losers in case of derailing construction of new airport in Mexico City, as López Obrador wants.


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