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Mike Pompeo, a hawk to direct U.S. foreign relations

The so far director of the CIA comes from the ultraconservative movement Tea Party, is hard against Iran and has been able to win Donald Trump

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Mike Pompeo, a hawk to direct U.S. foreign relations

Falcon, career politician and on rope of Donald Trump. The president has opted to relieve moderate Rex Tillerson, an oil executive with whom he never congenió, by Mike Pompeo's antitical profile, man who was entrusted to him by CIA just over a year ago, a Kansas Congressman member of Tea Party , which has claimed against Iran's nuclear pact, defended application of death penalty against Edward Snowden and highlighted as a scourge of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Pompeo, 54, graduated first in his class at Military Academy in West Point in 1986, served several years in army and came to patrol as a cavalry officer in Iron Curtain before fall of Berlin Wall. He n graduated from Harvard Law School and began his Kansas Congress career in 2011, aupadoing for Tea Party's ultraconservative wave. During se years, until newly elected Donald Trump called him to take over CIA, he has formed part of intelligence, Trade and energy committees of House of Representatives.

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  • Trump dismisses his secretary of state, Rex Tillerson

He was famed in Washington for harshness with which castigated Clinton in Special commission to investigate attack in Benghazi, Libya, 2012, when presidential candidate was secretary of state. The investigation ended up without finding any responsibility in Clinton, but Pompeo came to qualify case as something "worse than Watergate in some respects." It also meant defending mass surveillance of U.S. citizens and households in pursuit of security and, in past, came to defend practice of waterborading (drownings), but before y were ratified as Director of CIA was shown Contrary to torture.

His name had sounded as Tillerson's successor for months, as during that time future of Exxon Mobil's former president had been staggering. Anonymous sources of administration cited by U.S. press have highlighted chemistry between Pompeo and Trump during periodic intelligence briefings. In m and in public, has managed with a left hand one of few points that differs from President: Russian interference in presidential election, which New York president has always denied or minimized and that head of CIA has never avoided Point hard.

Pompeo, 54, becomes head of American diplomacy at a delicate time, when US is willing to open a negotiation with North Korea — under promise of regime denuclearization — and at same time decide wher It maintains or abandons nuclear agreement with Iran. In both areas, new secretary of state has been shown in Republican hard line. And in line with Trump. For example, he publicly supported change of leadership in North Korea and, in case of Iran, when Obama signed nuclear agreement, he said he did not see time to cancel it. Now, time for latter would have come, but paths of realpolitik and Trump are mysterious.


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