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Millionaires ' portfolios of Macron ministers

Of the 32 ministers and secretaries of state with the rank of Minister of Macron, 11 have a patrimony of more than the million euros, and three of them exceed it widely

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Millionaires ' portfolios of Macron ministers

A third of Emmanuel Macron's government members have a millionaire heritage. Thus it is clear from declaration of goods that y presented to be appointed and that high authority for transparency of public life (HATVP, by its acronym in French), independent body that sails from 2014 in France for "integrity and exemplary" of Public officials have made public this Saturday.

Of 32 ministers and secretaries of state with rank of Minister of Macron, 11 have a patrimony of more than million euros, and three of m exceed it largely, in part thanks to ir real estate. The richest minister is work, Muriel Pénicaud, who has declared more than 7.5 million euros. It is No surprise that I head list of Macron's rich, as it was known that Minister, from civil society, came to her new position after occupying important positions — Director of human resources at Danone — who gave huge benefits.

The second place is occupied by Minister of Ecological Transition, Nicolas Hulot, with 7.2 million euros of equity. The renowned environmental activist was one of Macron's star signings, since he had already been courted — in vain — by preceding presidents, François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy. But more than heritage of Hulot, also known as television exanimator, that is due in large part to a company that sells products like shampoos and gels of shower with denomination of Origin Ushuaia, what has caught attention of French press is Detail of some of goods of one of most recognized environmentalists in country, specifically, his car park.

In what was interpreted as a declaration of intent, Hulot arrived at his first meeting in Elysium as Minister of ecological transition in an electric car. But ecologist does not necessarily fulfill in private ecological rigors that it recommends in public. According to his statement, Hulot owns nine motor vehicles, including six cars — including a BMW of 33,000 euros and a Volkswagen of 50,000 — and a motorbike, a motor boat and a motorcycle, this yes, electric.

It is, ironically Le Parisien, "best-equipped minister" of government. And Parisian newspaper adds a detail that can bring some headache in future to Hulot: four of motor vehicles are more than 20 years and, refore, do not respect latest antipollution rules of France that he strives to be fulfilled.

The richest ministers of Macron government proceed all from civil society. And most of m are women. The head of culture and number three of list with a patrimony of 5.1 million of euros, Françoise Nyssen, directed a reputed editorial until president called it. Florence Parly, Minister of Defense and number five of list of wealthy ministers with 2.1 million of euros (precedes health, Agnès Buzyn, with 2.5 million) held in past high positions in national Railway Society, SNCF, and Air France.

The French press considers that patrimonial revelation of its ministers is not going to help precisely that Macron manages to remove label of "President of rich" that has awarded him opposition for its economic policy, especially by measures like strong Reduction of tax on Fortune (ISF), something that benefits wealthiest.

Le Monde recalls that average heritage of French households is EUR 158,000 gross per annum and that only 10% of population exceeds half a million euros, a figure exceeding more than half of ministerial cabinet. Five of ministers enter even exclusive club of 1% of French with a patrimony of more than 1,950,000 euros.

Paradoxically, Macron's economic policy-makers are those who register a lesser estate, even well below national average. This is case of responsible for action and public accounts, Gérald Darmanin, which has less than 50,000 euros. With just over 400,000 euros, owner of economy, Bruno Le Maire, is not in club of privileged of France.

The HATVP was established by Hollande after scandal caused by Jérôme Cahuzac, man he selected as finance minister and ended up convicted of tax fraud. The first law that led Macron to reach Elysium was moralization of public life to make even more transparent accounts of elected officials, who are now banned, among ors, accumulate mandates, perform consultant tasks or employ Family, as was case among many parliamentarians.


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