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More than 30 immigrants killed in a shipwreck off the coast of Libya

Some 200 people have been rescued after sinking two boats with which they were trying to reach the shores of the European Union

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More than 30 immigrants killed in a shipwreck off the coast of Libya

More than 30 immigrants have died this Saturday in shipwreck of two vessels before Libyan coasts, Libyan navy has reported. Anor 200 people have been rescued. Coastguards have intervened in two rescue operations before Garabulli (60 kilometres east of Tripoli). In first one have found 31 dead and 60 survivors aboard a boat, in second, 140 survivors.

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Colonel Abou Ajila Abdelbarri, head of Coast Guard in Tripoli, said that "arriving at site" discovered "a first inflatable boat" and could "save 60 people and recover 31 bodies of water." In second boat re were "140 survivors", he added, without specifying if re are more missing. The survivors have been transferred to Tripoli naval Base, where Libyan authorities have supplied m with food and water.

"The climatic conditions of se days seem conducive to sending of migrants to European coasts aboard ancient vessels" that arrive at destination with difficulty, he added. According to Nasser al-Gammoudi, commander of Sabratha of Tripoli Coast Guard, "75% of first vessel was submerged." "For five hours, we look for or survivors." Then, attracted by screaming, we were able to help a woman, she continued.

Simultaneous outputs

Hours earlier, Libyan navy spokesman, Colonel Ayub Kasem, had reported rescue in last two days of 326 people travelling aboard several boats with intention of reaching shores of Europe. According to Kasem, boats were detected between Thursday and Friday at a score of miles from beaches of Al Hamza and Bulali, locations located in west of Tripoli.

"The boats were detected early in morning, and in m y sailed crowded immigrants from sub-saharan African countries," he added. "The immigrants were transferred to Puerto, where y received first aid." They were n taken to Victoria Immigrant reception center. Among m were 63 women and 61 minors, "he explained.

The beaches that extend between Tripoli and Tunisian border have become last two years in main bastion of mafias dealing with human beings, despite presence of European patrol. According to data from International Organization of Migration (IOM), more than 161,000 immigrants have managed to cross Europe in an irregular way in year, and about 3,000 have disappeared in sea.


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