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More than 400,000 rohingya refugees : Bangladesh, poor, alert the UN

In three weeks, the south of the country, border to Burma, has turned into one of the largest refugee camps in the world as the rohingya flee.

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More than 400,000 rohingya refugees : Bangladesh, poor, alert the UN
The threshold of 400 000 rohingya refugees, who have fled in past three weeks in Bangladesh to violence in Burma, has been taken, announced on Saturday 16 September UN. "According to our estimates, 409 000 rohingya refugees arrived in Bangladesh from 25th of August," said Joseph Tripua, office of High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR) united Nations.

The prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, took off Saturday for UN general Assembly in New York, where she will call for international solidarity in face of this influx of refugees. In three weeks, south of Bangladesh, bordering Burma, is transformed into one of largest refugee camps in world as rohingya refugees fleeing from Burma, leading to a degradation of humanitarian situation. And using sentence structure.

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makeshift encampments to loss of view

in New York, Hasina " will also appeal to international community and UN to put pressure on Burma to be brought back all rohingya refugees at home ", announced his press service on Saturday. The UN decried "ethnic cleansing" carried out by Burma, whose army conducts a vast operation of reprisals had been fleeing in mass se civilians, after attacks of rebels rohingya on August 25.

at Cox's Bazar, where re are concentrations of refugees, camps of fortune now extend to loss of sight. And UN as international humanitarian organizations fear that situation will not become uncontrollable. "The needs are endless and people are suffering more and more," warns a spokesperson for Unicef, Marixie Mercado.

Saturday, world health Organization (WHO) has started to vaccinate children, who represent 60 % of refugees against measles and rubella in particular. Every day, crowds gared to try to catch ft of clos or food, thrown from top of trucks by volunteers of bangladesh acting in a disorganized manner.

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" re are more people than food, "

Sunabhan, a widow of 44 years with four children in her care, is very pleased to have managed to grab a hold of a bag of rice launched by volunteers. Some days, she comes back empty handed. "There are more people than food, n this is chaos... The strongest run to truck and y get food. It is more difficult for women and children ", she explains, while international aid is still struggling to reach all refugees.

" We fled, but we had nothing to eat, not even rice, " says Jonnath Ara, refugee, rohingya who have been able to access a canteen mounted by Action against hunger, where a rice-based dish is served. But help is lacking. And every time a truck comes in to distribute bottled water, food, or clos, crowd, desperate, rushes to vehicle.

Start of a registration campaign for refugees

Vivian Tan, spokesperson for UNHCR, which visited site, explains that government of bangladesh is now trying to structure distribution points. The distributions anarchic " reflect generosity of people of Bangladesh, but it raises concerns as to safety and security of refugees ", which may be crushed during maneuvers of trucks, " she says. The fact that refugees " are scattered in several places, camps, construction sites, wilderness or villages, makes it difficult to access m in an equitable way ", she adds.

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The order issued Friday by government of bangladesh to enter army to organize assistance began to materialize on ground : military should direct international aid arriving at airport of Cox's Bazar and start to build a new camp, with in ten days 14 000 shelters supposed to be able to accommodate 400 000 refugees.

so far, Bangladesh had not allowed for systematic registration of refugees, but, given magnitude of crisis, he softens his position and began a campaign of refugee registration, photo and fingerprints to support. Side burmese, are about 30,000 buddhists and hindus who have fled ir villages in face of violence. Humanitarian aid is also organized, managed by burmese authorities.

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The Rohingya present in Burma for decades, are stateless since 1982, and are regarded as foreigners in this country 90 % buddhist.


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