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More than 700 mayors in catalonia demonstrating in Barcelona, defying Madrid

The prosecutor general of Spain has ordered prosecutors in Catalonia to summon these mayors are willing to cooperate "in organizing the elections illegal" to put them in the review.

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More than 700 mayors in catalonia demonstrating in Barcelona, defying Madrid
With cries of "We will vote" and " Independence ", more than 700 of 948 mayors of Catalonia have shown, Saturday 16 September, in Barcelona, ir determination to organize a referendum of self-determination for ir region, despite legal proceedings.

The Spanish government is committed to preventing referendum declared unconstitutional by courts. But more than two-thirds of mayors catalans are already committed to open ir municipal premises for voting, convened on 1st of October by executive to independence of this region of north-east of Spain.

Brandishing ir solemn stick of mayor, councillors gared at headquarters of regional government have sung anm in catalan, Els segadors, while a crowd of protesters, often with flags of independence movements, shouting from outside : "We are with you. "

The prosecutor general's office of Spain had on Wednesday ordered prosecutors in Catalonia to summon se mayors are willing to cooperate "in organizing elections illegal" to put m in review. If y do not respond to summons, y may be arrested.

The head of regional government, Carles Puigdemont, who has received, responded to "threats" from head of Spanish government, Mariano Rajoy, saying : "Do not underestimate strength of people of Catalonia. "Mr. Rajoy was launched Friday, to address of separatists :" Do not underestimate strength of Spanish democracy... The rule of law works. "

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" We are not delinquents "

" We are not criminals, " said many elected officials, including Josep Sole, 74, mayor of village of Maso (300 inhabitants) member of Association of municipalities for independence. "It's been years that Catalans are demanding more power, especially in fiscal matters ", he explained, in defending " ir right to vote ".

The separatists are majority in regional parliament since 2015, but Catalan society is very divided on question of independence, according to opinion polls. During regional elections in 2015, secessionists had gained 47.6% of votes (but a majority in seats), and camp supporting maintenance in Spain 51,28 %. On or hand a majority of Catalans want to be able to express mselves in a referendum.

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Ana Colau, mayor of left side of Barcelona, a city of 1.6 million inhabitants, where secessionists are a minority, expressed Saturday its "solidarity" with mayors pro-referendum by receiving m at hotel de ville.

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The Barcelona city council, is careful not to get directly involved in organization of vote, but announced this week that Barcelona could vote on 1st of October, without explaining how. Mr. Puigdemont n claimed to have found an agreement Ms. Colau.


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