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Most housing prices Çankırı's increased

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Most housing prices Çankırı's increased
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  • "to be able to buy a house in Istanbul, eating, drinking, and 12.5 years of study,"
  • a large increase in residential sales

Reid real estate / indexaccording to what, with 0.82 per cent compared to previous month, housing prices in August increased city housing prices rose most Çankırı.

prepared with support of Türkiye iş bankası "RIDING-gyoder new home price index" and "Reid's real estate Index" results for month of August.

RIDING-gyoder new home price index according to month of August price increase of 0,40 per cent compared to previous month, per cent compared to same period of last year was 4,19. The rate of bank loan use in sales of 32 percent, 22 percent down payment, promissory notes, utilization rate is 44 percent, compared to 3.1 percent in melting rate of stock.

residential sales prices are too high most of çankırı city

Reid real estate covering 68 cities across Turkey, according to index, with a 0.82 per cent compared to previous month saw an increase in housing prices. Weighing a mere 2.09 percent of city housing sales prices rose most in month of August with Çankırı.

highest monthly increase in rent in Bursa

in same period, housing sales in city of Mardin was most reduced prices with 0,42 per cent. During this period, with most of city reduced rental value of housing that is 0,71 percent Karabük, most of monthly rent-a rise of 2.44 per cent in city: boat was with Bursa.

located in Istanbul's Asian yakasi.aa percent for month of August 0,71 branded residential projects; located on European side, was 0,23 percent price increase for branded residential projects. According to initial period of index on Asian side to European side, increased by 11,8 projects compared with more points.

last month, new home sales in DOWN PAYMENT, 22 percent utilization rate by 2 percentage points compared with month of July, and utilization rate by 2 percentage points to 32 per cent bank loan on way out, deed fell to 6 percentage points and decreased by 44 per cent utilization rate.

25 percent of homes for sale performed during month of August finished in unfinished housing 75 percent of stock occurred. The month of July, according to rate of melting Stock, item-based by 3.1 percent, per cent 3,0 square meter based took place.

6 percent and ratio of SALES to foreigners

compared to previous month, 1+1 apartment type 0,97 per cent of sales increased in month of August, 2+0,22 per cent in type 1 Apartment, 3+1 apartment type 0,17 per cent and 4+1 apartment type 0,78 percent increase experienced. 51-75 square feet 76-100 houses with 0.82 percent in month of August re has been an increase in buildings with 0,12 percent square meters, square meters, houses with 0,22% 101-125, 126-150 square meters, spends 0.34 per cent in houses, in houses with a larger area of 151 square meters and showed a significant increase in 0,86 percent.

sale of branded residential projects 6% of a rate of foreign investors was made. Predominantly at point of choice (35 per cent) 2+1 out features of one of houses was observed. That is average of last 6 months 6% 6% sales to foreign investors in April and may in June in July amounted to 4 percent and 5 percent.

BALIKESIR SOUNDS first place in annual increments

The annual growth rates were evaluated when house prices are too high most of month of August for sale in first 5 County; balikesir (26,82%), Scholarship (23,10), Canakkale (22,46), tekirdağ (21,01 per cent), Army (20,81%) was.

province will cover whole of Turkey in Turkey, 68 of such a nature that house price index for rent in 0.98 per cent compared to previous month and totalled 4,14 per cent increase compared to same period last year. Rental housing prices that rose most on an annual basis in 5 cities, respectively; Aydın (21,28), Balıkesir (21,08%), Yozgat (20,92), Tekirdag (15,27) and Taylor (14,42). In terms of amortization period, purchase price of homes purchased for rent and where to meet as soon as possible when given at beginning of month of August is enlightened by van and came Bilecik.

in a statement, views, real estate and of real estate investment companies Association (GYODER) President Feyzullah Yetgin, branded consumers who purchase residential housing projects, previous month as in month of August, down payment, loan promissory notes and promissory notes, most of options use of preferred bank, said: "in August, 22 percent of DOWN PAYMENT, 32 per cent of bank loans, promissory notes occur at a rate of 44 per cent despite a decline of 6 points of use, payment options and impact of project, which was realized by developers shows that campaigns are still continuing," he said.


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