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Mustapha Soussi's fight to remove Christians from Morocco from the legal limbo

A Christian coordinator made up of ancient Muslims vindicates their right not to hide

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Mustapha Soussi's fight to remove Christians from Morocco from the legal limbo

To form an idea of presence of Islam in Morocco it is only necessary to visit any city on a Friday at noon. It will be easy to cross with hundreds of people walking to nearest mosque with ir rugs in hand to attend Friday's prayer, obligatory for men and recommended for women. For many years, Mustapha Soussi, who now has 48, is married and with two children, marched in same direction as vast majority of Moroccans, in a country where most listened station is Radio Mohamed VI of Holy Quran. Soussi studied from 11 to 18 years in a Koranic school.

"I sought spiritual peace and did not find answers to my questions in Quran," he explains. "I began to investigate Christianity. But I wanted to meet him in hands of Christians, not Muslims. I managed to contact in 1988 with an association that is in Malaga and is called School of word. Finally, in 1994, meditated in solitude for a month and decided to become a Christian. "

Soussi has attended a convention in a Casablanca hotel and repairs in an artificial flower that is in lobby. "From afar it seems natural, but when you approach and touch it you perceive that it smells of nothing. Christianity is true belief, natural flower. In Quran, when prophet makes migration from Mecca to city of Medina and finds his army in a position of strength, re is no longer any verse that speaks of love. While Christ invites you to love even your enemies. "

When his seven brors, in sourn city of Taroudant, learned that he had converted to Christianity, y stopped talking to him. But Soussi continued to profess his faith discreetly. He is an official in an accounting department of Ministry of Interior. and continued to exercise his work without problems. He contacted or parishioners and a year ago y announced coordinator of Moroccan Christians, of which he is spokesperson and most visible face. When you are asked how many are you don't give any numbers. "It is very difficult to know because many Christians hide ir true religion even to ir family," he says. In some local environment figure of between 5,000 and 6,000 Moroccan Muslims converted to Christianity is ventured. Soussi only points out: "In our association all regions of country are represented". And he states: "Not all Moroccan Christians belong to our coordinator. Because re are those who prefer to continue practicing ir faith in solitude. I, however, have decided to come to light because Bible encourages us to leave. "

The Moroccan Penal Code does not punish apostasy but it does proselytism. So Soussi is very careful not to do anything that might induce you to think that you are trying to gain adepts. However, he has sent a letter to Higher Council of Human Rights, State agency, and head of government, Saadedín Otmani, of Islamist Justice and Development Party. In paper it raises "five urgent demands". "The first is that we want civil marriages," he says. "Here marriages are always governed by Islam and word of prophet. The second is that we want Christian cemeteries. Here we are buried according to Muslim rite, washing corpse, putting it sideways, reading Quran... The third is that we want free access to churches. and open ors that are closed and that se can be managed by Moroccan Christians. The fourth claim is that teaching of Islam is an optional subject. I don't want my son to be forced to learn it. And fifth is that we ask for freedom to choose names of our children. My son is mine, not Ministry of Interior. "

We want civil marriages, that bury us in Christian cemeteries, free access to churches, that Islam is not a compulsory subject and that we have freedom to choose name of our children

Moustapha Soussi, spokesperson for Moroccan Christian Coordinator

This Christmas Moustapha Soussi claimed in various Moroccan media right of Christians to celebrate Christian festivity without hiding. "We are constantly under surveillance," he said in Huffpost Maroc. "It is true that no one prevents us from entering churches to pray, but security agents are always present."

Soussi says that since he decided to go out in media a year ago comes suffering consequences in his daily life. "In my work y have me cornered. If I want to do some bureaucratic management or officials put me all kinds of obstacles. Or Christians who worked in private companies and have come out in media have fired m from ir companies. And two years ago y tried to kill a Christian in Casablanca who had come out in press. "

Mustapha Soussi assures that in 2016 re was an indication that a new time is coming in Morocco regarding freedom of creed. "It was during voyage Mohamed VI to Madagascar. The king said that he is commander of all believers of Morocco, even of Jews and Christians. I hope that little by little society will understand that it is not necessary to be Muslim to coexist in harmony with or Moroccans. We do not intend to provoke Fitna, division between Muslims. We're just trying to express what we feel. For us all Moroccans are same, whatever ir religion. And more y hate us more we're going to love those who hate us. "

The reasons for a conversion

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Moustapha Soussi, spokesperson for coordinator of Moroccan Christians explains that re were several reasons that led him to leave Islam and embrace Christianity. "In Quran," he explains, "There are scientific errors. The earth is said to be flat. There are also more than 200 grammatical errors. It is said to be written in Arabic, but we find words that are not Arabic. There are historical mistakes. And when one speaks of moment in which Prophet Muhammad ascends with his horse to seventh heaven, it is night and no one saw him. However, in Miracles of Christ re are always witnesses. "

With regard to treatment of women, according to Soussi, re are also substantial differences: "In Islam men have right to inherit twice as much as women. In Quran it is invited to stone adulterous women. To Christ, however, y introduced him to an adulteress and said, "Whoever is free from sin to throw first stone."

But main reason to become, according to Soussi, is that it discovered that Christianity is religion of love.


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