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Mysteries concealing the secret reports of the Kennedy assassination

The murky CIA management and Oswald's trip to Mexico center the attention of the file that Trump has ordered to release

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Mysteries concealing the secret reports of the Kennedy assassination

On Tuesday October 1, 1963 a man Enjuto liquidated his account at hotel Comercio. After four full days in Mexico City I had not achieved any results. With lost expression, he went to norrn transport terminal and re he took seat number 12 of bus line 332. It was 8.30 when vehicle left. The ticket marked as a new Laredo term station on U.S. border. A fate that was short of that badly-faced American who 53 days later would shoot at head of thirty-fifth President of United States, John F. Kennedy.

The stay of Lee Harvey Oswald in Mexico encloses one of great mysteries of crime that made twentieth century American tremble. Underestimated at beginning of investigation, strange voyage has become with years one of most intriguing chapters of case. The contacts of Magnicida with KGB agents and Cuban diplomats in Mexican capital have inspired all kinds of conspiracy ories while y have shown double standard of American intelligence.

Oswald's footsteps were warned and followed by CIA, but reports detailing ir wanderings have never completely come to light. They belong to that secret corpus of 3,100 documents that President Donald Trump has ordered to liberate and that, if nothing prevents it, will shake foundations of American collective memory. "They are cables, correspondence, memorials, reports, budgets, photographs and recordings." In case of CIA, its most important documents refer to operatives of agents contrary to Kennedy, immersed in Castro operations, "explains expert Jefferson Morley, former journalist of Washington Post and author of The Phantom: The Secret Life Of Master of Spies James Jesus Angleton.

stored in National Archives, files are shielded by a 1992 law that expires this Thursday. Behind scenes is known that CLA is pressing so that y do not come to light. "The plant is particularly concerned about documents of sixties that refer to programs that were still active in 1990s and that could expose to spy networks," details specialist Phil Shenon, author of JFK. Open case. Along with this fear, a self-defence mechanism is also concealed in face of possibility of incompetence of intelligence agencies to emerge.

"The Warren commission, in charge of investigation of assassination, concluded that Oswald was only subject of routine reviews by FBI and CIA." But it was a person who same head of counterintelligence of CIA, James Angleton, had under constant attention and close. And it is very possible that documents shed light on this interest nothing routinely, "says Morley." "

See Photo Gallery Warren commission. Ap

"The reports show that CLA and FBI knew a lot more about Oswald than y told Warren Commission." The official story draws him as a lone wolf whose plot to kill Kennedy was never warned. But agencies had more data than y said. If y had acted according to ir information, possibly Oswald would have been slowed down before Kennedy's arrival in Dallas, "Shenon explains.

The omissions of intelligence services are going to be key to papers. The magnitude of this error will account for internal investigations to which agencies were subjected, hirto hidden, but also traces of Oswald in Mexico. "It's most important and secret chapter of Kennedy assassination." The documentary index shows that CIA station in Mexico had him under surveillance. and a declassified report of 1966 reveals that Oswald came to talk openly about killing Kennedy at Cuban consulate. Did CLA know in real time? "Did you report it?" he interrogated Shenon.

The answers may be buried for anor 25 years. It will all depend on final reach of declassification. But Oswald's footsteps in Mexico have, for now, anor source. The Federal Directorate of Security. The Mexican secret police. Under orders of Fernando Gutiérrez Barrios, same officer who in 1956 arrested Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, officers wrote detailed reports and interrogated all with whom he had interviewed.

Kennedy, moments before shooting.

The reading of classified documents, deposited in General file of nation and to those that has had access to country, realize zigzagging personality and wound of Oswald, a marine deserter, married with a Russian and that after a failed exile in Union Soviet TICA was pretending to leave Texas and return to Moscow.

To do this, posing as a photographer, he crossed Rio Bravo on September 26, 1963. On a red arrow bus he went to Mexico City. Twenty hours that journey lasted, and at no time did he conceal his Communist sympathies. Two Australian tourists told m about ir years in USSR and recommended that y stay at hotel Cuba. He would do it at hotel Comercio, located in street of Sahagún, Colonia Guerrero.

Already in Mexican capital, first thing he did was to address Cuban embassy. There he applied for a transit visa for USSR. He showed his passport, his former Soviet work card, his marital document and claimed to be a member of US Communist Party. The employee who attended, Silvia Tirado de Durán, began processing and required new photographs. Oswald went out for m and, always according to Mexican confidential documents, took opportunity to go to Soviet legation, where he met two KGB agents who acted as consular officers. After assuring m that FBI did not let him live, he expressed ir desire to obtain a visa as soon as possible. When y explained slowness of process, Oswald exploded and with his face reddened he snapped one of Russians: "This is going to end for me in tragedy!"

Later he went to Cuban embassy to deliver photographs. There he went back into a tailspin to know that without Soviet authorization he could not get Cuban permit. His cries made secretary lying down to call consul to try and calm him down. It was in vain. In face of American's violent attitude, diplomat ended up on fire and announced that he would not be granted a visa.

Oswald, aged 23, was in freefall. Those who saw him describe him as a poorly dressed, choleric and stubborn man. So that next day, he returned to Russian legation. It was Saturday and officials were prepared for a volleyball game. In dramatic tone he insisted that he needed visa. She wept, let her know that she feared FBI and pulled a revolver as a token that she was threatened. He left it on a table. A civil servant, carefully, discharged him. Oswald, in front of negatives, went bankrupt.

Travel permit to Oswald's Mexico, with inlet and outlet seals.

From re thread fades. It is known that on Sunday went to Bulls, visited museums and that Monday was to university city in search of support of students Castro. It was of no avail.

His last move was recorded on Monday night when he was seen at a twist party organized by Cuban officials. In celebration, which was attended by writer Elena Garro, wife of Octavio Paz, Oswald was allegedly found with employee Silvia Durán with whom it was concluded that she had a sentimental relationship. Garro would remind him after talking to two men next to a chimney.

The next morning, at 6.30, he left commercial hotel to return to United States. Almost eight weeks later, on 22 November, he would kill President of United States. And after two days he'd be killed by gangster Jack Ruby.

On his back left an immense mystery. The American official investigation aimed at him as only culprit. The Mexican interrogations found no point of bankruptcy. But forces of DFS arrived late and only acted after assassination. Before that, local CLA station had followed steps to Oswald. What he saw, what he reported, is still a secret. Now you can stop it.


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