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NATO accuses Moscow of lying about the magnitude of the military exercise on the border with the border ally

Stoltenberg stresses the behavior is “more aggressive” in Moscow

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NATO accuses Moscow of lying about the magnitude of the military exercise on the border with the border ally

Stoltenberg stresses behavior is “more aggressive” in Moscow

NATO does not believe official figures on magnitude of macroejercicio military that Russia began Thursday to doors of allied territory. Moscow reported to Atlantic Alliance in past month of July that those maneuvers would involve at least 13,000 people, just limit after which common rules force you to set inspections. “We call on Russia to unveil scope of exercise and observe requirements of transparency,” says an official source of NATO consulted by this newspaper.

In spite of discord which reigns in bilateral relations, Alliance and Russia have managed to open a slit of dialogue, among or things to learn about military maneuvers and prevent altercations. The last formal meeting was held in July, and representatives of 28 States of NATO expressed ir concern about dimensions of Zapad. At that time, allies suspected that exercise involved at least to 70,000 military, figures that today are positioned closer to 100,000. “We have reason to believe that in Zapad will involve many more troops than what is officially indicated,” added same sources.


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The secretary-general of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg, interprets exercise as “an example of how Russia uses its capabilities modern of a more aggressive form”, as stated yesterday in an interview with CNBC. “All countries have right to perform military exercises, but has to be done in a transparent manner”, he added. The leader of Alliance cited decision of Russian Crimea as an episode that was initially presented as a military exercise and n lead to an annexation. Even so, ruled out that this may occur in baltic States, which are members of NATO.

Stoltenberg already considered insufficient offer of Russia to admit to several observers of Atlantic Alliance to evaluate wher Zapad to adhere to provisions. The organization recalls that, in maneuvers above with this same name (held in year 2009 and 2013), actual dimensions of military jobs outweighed release through mechanism of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). “NATO to observe closely exercise,” warn those sources. Both blocks are reported periodically to exercises you do to avoid misunderstandings.

The three baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) are most exposed to maneuvers Zapad, which are interpreted re as a provocation. Estonia, which exercises this semester, rotating presidency of EU, has sent an observer to Belarus, one of scenarios of Zapad.


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