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NATO launches crisis exercise

The 21st annual crisis management exercise began to improve NATO's ability to respond to potential crises.

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NATO launches crisis exercise

NATO's crisis management exercise (CMX 2017) started annually to respond to a potential crisis and improve ability to manage crisis.

In a written statement from NATO, exercise held since 1992 this year is 21st, and exercise will be conducted on October 4-11.

The exercise stressed that NATO's headquarters in Brussels will be held in capitals of Member States and some strategic commands, stressing that no military unit would participate in exercise.

"In exercise, NATO's fourth. and 5. will be used in a reality but a virtual crisis scenario. "

Preparation for comprehensive response to crisis


The aim of exercise is to improve framework of NATO's common defence capacity in Warsaw Summit in 2016, and how to respond extensively to a crisis involving civilian and military elements in exercise. It was reported to be rehearsed.

The statement, European Union and NATO's ability to jointly respond to a possible crisis to develop activities aimed to be held, recorded.

The exercise has been announced that Member States, as well as NATO partners, Finland and Sweden will participate.


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