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Nearly a thousand intellectuals of the left-wing call to not participate in the "scam anti-democratic" in the referendum

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Nearly a thousand intellectuals of the left-wing call to not participate in the "scam anti-democratic" in the referendum

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Close to a thousand artists and intellectuals who in ir majority are defined as "left-wing" have signed a manifesto entitled '1-Or Scam undemocratic' in that call to not participate in referendum on separation of Catalonia from Spain that intended to hold Government of Generalitat on 1st of October.

The signatories claim to be "of varied affiliation and ideological different political cultures", but stress that y all "have fought for freedoms against dictatorship, against terrorism and against war, for rights of women and social minorities, and, now, against cuts and corruption" and that "y reject policies of Rajoy Government". Among names of persons who have signed manifesto include both personalities of Catalan as Isabel Coixet, Javier Marías, Rosa María Sardá, Joaquín Oristrell and Jordi Grau; as well as rest of Spain.

The document, published this Sunday in newspaper 'The Country', defines call as a "trap", and calls on citizens not to participate or vote, arguing that this is a call "not transparent" and made "in secret and behind backs of Parliament, at last minute and no time for a discussion of quiet that allows to express all options in conditions of equality."

Also, y criticize that call "does not set a minimum participation" and pretend that a difference of a single vote without majority support of citizenry to make a unilateral declaration of independence. In addition, y claim that "re is not an official census, which can lead to all kinds of things to you".

The signatories emphasize also that during pendency of laws y intended to give legal coverage to referendum has been "relegated to margins of society to forces of opposition" by using "ft of most basic democratic rights to members of Parlament" and "changing rules" of camera, in addition to "shorten time and prevent right of amendment and parliamentary debate".

"Decisions of vital implications for all citizens of Catalonia and future generations can be executed in a matter of hours. Do not look for Catalan people to decide freely and consciously, but a unilateral declaration of independence", y assure.

In fact, remind us that strength of parliamentary with that Junts pel Yes and CUP have brought forward se initiative "does not represent more than 36% of electoral census" and "does not correspond to 50% of votes".

in Addition, are convinced that "it is possible for a common future, freely chosen, in context of a Spain that is plural, where y are recognized all identities of peoples that compose it", so we are asking Catalan citizens to reject unilateral initiative of Government of Generalitat as " opposite of a free exercise decision of people of Catalonia".


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