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Negotiations for coalition in Germany began

Germany 39;d a Christian Unity (CDU/CSU) parties, the Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens between the establishment of the government began preliminary discussions.

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Negotiations for coalition in Germany began
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The first meeting was held between CDU/CSU and FDP in "Parlarentische Gesellschaft" building next to Bundestag. The meeting was attended by Christian Democratic Unity Party (CDU) leader and Prime Minister Angela Merkel, Christian Social Unity Party (CSU) President Horst Seehofer and FDP General chairman Christian Lindner. Following meeting, CDU Secretary General Peter Tauber stated that y had a good and constructive meeting with FDP, saying y were referring to important issues here. " After first meeting, "Our feelings are good," said Tauber stressed that CDU/CSU will act in responsibility for country and public service. The meeting with representatives of FDP Secretary-General Nicola Beer de CDU/CSU said it was a solution and constructive. Beer, "The first step went well" was found in assessment. CSU Secretary-General Andreas Scheuer, stating that preliminary negotiations were satisfied with start, "The interview with FDP was done in mutual understanding," he said. "If everyone evaluates facts in country correctly this week will be a big step," said CDU/CSU, a more challenging meeting with Greens today. A meeting will be held between CDU/CSU and Greens today as part of preliminary negotiations. Tomorrow, after meeting among Greens and FDP delegations, CDU/CSU, FDP and Greens will all sit on table toger in "Big garing". CDU, led by Prime Minister Merkel from general election on 24 September this year, has undertaken task of setting up government again with a 32.9 per cent vote rate of CSU at sister party. Since 2013, Social Democratic Party (SPD), a coalition partner, has announced that it will not take part in government, arguing that election with lowest voting rate of 20.5 percent is opposition. The parties in Meclista report that extreme right-wing German Alternative party (AFD), which voted at 12.6 per cent of election, does not want to establish a coalition, while CDU/CSU also refuses to take part in government with Left Party, which votes at 9.2 per cent. According to Parliament's arrhythmia, a government that is not in CDU/CSU cannot be established. In this case, only option to set up government is CDU/CSU, 10.7 percent of elections, 4. The resulting Free Democratic Party (FDP) and 6 per cent vote rate of 8.9. He's partnering with next greens. If coalition negotiations between parties fails and SPD cannot be persuaded to enter coalition again with CDU/CSU, early elections will be raised.


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