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Nikolas Cruz, Portrait of a young man ready to kill

The Parkland killer was an outcast student who exhibited his obsession with weapons and violence

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Nikolas Cruz, Portrait of a young man ready to kill

Anor face to look for roots of evil. As in every mass murder occurring in United States, Nikolas Cruz's police photograph after perpetrating his irrational killing and being captured becomes an object of contemplation without answer of inexplicable. We look at his hairless face, his lips sealed without expressiveness, freckles and acne of complexion, yellow eyes in which we try to enter to talk to us about a soul so lost, tormented, broken as to give birth to a hell.

Who was Nikolas Cruz? Anor face that will forget a social illness. A 19-year-old boy who was expelled from high School of an anonymous town, Parkland (Florida), and returned to empty his former companions a torrent of IRA forged in who knows what personal caldera of trauma, ghosts and delusions. A continuation of American saga of individuals exploiting, aiming and murdering.

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The Stoneman Douglas School expelled him in 2017 for indiscipline and his threats to or students, who claim that y came to see him carrying weapons, without hesitation in showing m, and that once in a violent start tore a window of school kicked. The school community feared it and management forbade him to enter school with backpack. In ir social networks published content "Very, very disturbing," said police. Phrases like: "I want to kill people with my AR-15 [ assault rifle that he used at school] or" I want to die fighting and killing tons of people "or" I'll be a professional of school shootings "– a wild words that a YouTube user alerted to Ptiembre FBI, who did research, apparently, without conclusive results. Cruz had also hung portraits of his with pistols and his face covered and wielding knives, or an undone bed on which appeared several long arms and a bulletproof vest. The AR-15 had acquired it legally thanks to Florida's permissiveness with weapons. And even more: he had embarked on a military training program for young people, reaping excellent qualifications. No one stopped Nikolas Cruz, but he had painstakingly completed self-portrait of a ready-to-kill individual.

On Wednesday he gave his canvas last stroke, of royal blood. Armed with his rifle for police and military use and taking advantage of his knowledge as an alumnus of alarm protocols by school shooting, blew up siren to provoke chaos, threw canisters of smoke to increase confusion and with mouth and nose covered with a A mask advanced in fog firing with his assault rifle while students and professors were looking for a classroom to lock up to save his life.

The country spoke night of massacre with Daniel Journey, 18 years old, a surviving student who met him. He said same as or fellows to media. He was a weirdo, a marginal who had mania to activate school's fire alarm, as he did in slaughter. Journey did not revolve around human nature of Cruz. "He was mad," he said. "It ended up killing 17 people."

In high school, murderer had a reputation for being a ready-to-bust grenade if one day his fuse came out. Separated from ors, quiet and respectful in classroom, with "problems with some girls" according to a teacher, cultivated to ors a profile of worshiper of weapons. His companions looked at him with suspicion and thought that if one day in his school barged a shooter armed with a blind desire to annihilate, that would be Nikolas Cruz. "We had all foreseen it," said one pupil.

Cruz, who was now studying at anor nearby institute, was an orphan and his adoptive mor had died in November. Since n he lived with his bror Zachary with a friend's family. A condition had been imposed on him. To keep his rifle stowed in a locked cupboard.


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