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Nobel Peace Prize, the joy of Ican for the & #X3A Award; "Now we aim at the universal nuclear disarmament"

Daniela Varano, head of communication for the International Campaign for the Abolition of nuclear weapons, describes the emotion ">06 Ekim 2017 Cuma 08:03 - 10 reads.

Nobel Peace Prize, the joy of Ican for the & #X3A Award;
At 10:50, Geneva. The phone rings: "I call you from Oslo: The Nobel Peace Prize is yours." Unexpected, but strongly desired. The Oslo jury awarded Nobel Peace Prize to International Campaign for Abolition of nuclear weapons. More than 400 organizations have joined project of Beatrice Fihn, born in 2007 in Australia and now headquartered in Switzerland, in some hundred countries. Daniela Varano, head of communication for Ican, has a breathless voice when answering phone. It's been two hours since announcement and received calls from all over world. What does it mean to you?" We are excited, enthusiastic... it is an indescribable honor. The first thought is for hibakusha, survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki who in se years have raised ir voices because world is free from nuclear threat. But it is also a recognition for volunteers and organisations who have done extraordinary work to raise public awareness. "This prize is for all of m, and I thank m." I expected you?" Actually, No. Ten minutes before official communication, judges called director Beatrice Fihn on phone. It was a surprise for everyone, but commitment in se years was total. " at what point is campaign?" After months of negotiations, on 7 July UN adopted Treaty for Prohibition of Nuclear weapons, to which States may accede from 20 September. Cinquantatre countries have already signed it, when ratify for m will become a binding commitment. Our goal now is to widen agreement to as many States as possible, and to obtain membership of atomic holders. " Italy has not yet ratified..." It is true, but Italian organizations that have joined Ican (are eight: Senzatomica, network disarmament, Italian Association medicine for Prevention of nuclear war, Peacelink, Cormuse, WILPF Italy, World Foundation for peace, archive disarmament, NDR) have Done much to increase pressure on government, with which dialogue is open and collaborative. Italy is always in front row on humanitarian issues: we are convinced that it will do much on this issue too. " what will happen in coming months?" The Oslo committee gave a strong signal, indicating to states way to go. The first step was made by civil society and associations, who in recent years have expressed ir support for our campaign by adhering to initiatives we have promoted. Now it's up to governments, and as far as Ican is concerned, re is even greater work: Nobel gives us strength, but also a lot of responsibility. This is an opportunity not only political, but moral. "Never more Atomic" is slogan that from now on must circulate with greater conviction in every part of world, because it comes soon to universal disarmament. "


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