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Norbert Lammert: & #34; a Parliament is not a hunting grounds & #34;

The outgoing Bundestag president called on the new AfD group to order. He warned the CDU to align its policy with surveys.

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Norbert Lammert: & #34; a Parliament is not a hunting grounds & #34;

Bundestag president Norbert Lammert has admonished newly elected AfD members to take ir mandate seriously. "This requires a linguistic discipline in debate that can recognize importance of a Parliament and does not place provocations instead of cooperations," said CDU politician of world. With regard to utterance of Chairman of Bundestag group Alexander Gaula, AfD will hunt Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, Lammert added: "A parliament is not a hunting ground."

Lammert acknowledged "consensus culture" that had hirto reigned in Bundestag. "We in Germany are creating a situation in which, on a subject such as Greece or refugees, after harsh controversies, broad parliamentary majorities will end up in favour of government's position, which goes beyond votes that Coalition anyway. "

"But we also pay a high price," said Lammert. "We are promoting ambitions of an alternative political group, which claims that a substantial part of what population is moving is not happening in Parliament." But he does not fear that this will be lost.

"Not simply people will deliver"

As "unprecedented in history of parliament," Lammert criticized action of former AfD chairman Frauke Petry. "The fact that a party chairman of group does not join and n leaves no doubt that this decision has matured long before election reveals a cynical relationship with political mandates."

After weak election result, he appealed to his CDU that future course not be based solely on surveys. These often showed contradictory expectations of electorate. "The really demanding task of politics, refore, is not simply to deliver to major tasks that exist both nationally and internationally, what appears to be people's will, but to develop convincing answers for which majorities are won Must. The latter has obviously not succeeded enough in recent past. "


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