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North Korea fires a missile over Japan

Tokyo condemned "in the strongest terms," this new provocation. The security Council of the UN will meet in emergency on Friday.

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North Korea fires a missile over Japan

Tokyo condemns "in strongest terms," this new provocation. The security Council of UN will meet in emergency on Friday.

The security Council of UN is expected to meet Friday September 15 behind closed doors to discuss again question of north korea. Decided in emergency meeting following a new missile strike by Pyongyang. Party at 6: 57 p.m., time of South Korea, Sunan, on outskirts of Pyongyang, craft has, as on August 29, flying over archipelago to go crashing into Pacific ocean, some 2,000 km to east of cape Erimo, in sourn island of japan to Hokkaido.

The shooting comes three days after adoption of a security Council resolution with new sanctions, including a ban of deliveries of gas to North Korea, a blockage of its export of its textile products and limits to hospitality of its nationals to work in or countries.

Voted on after sixth nuclear test conducted on September 3 by Pyongyang, it has been strongly criticised by regime, which has threatened 14 September through commission for peace in Asia-Pacific "flow" and Japan to reduce U.s. " in ashes ", and called to dissolve security Council, a " tool of evil ", bringing toger countries as "corrupt" obeying orders of United States.

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The new missile would be a model of ballistic intermediate-range according to first assessments of south Korean army and us army Pacific (Pacom), which has also "established that it did not represent a direct threat to Guam," an american island in Pacific. But distance travelled 3 700 km, shows that north Korean regime would henceforth be means of achieving it.

Guam is a 3-400 km from Pyongyang. The territory, which is home to important ways us military, has been at heart of a heated verbal exchange between Washington and Pyongyang in August. The north Korean regime has threatened to fire missiles Hwasong-12 – identical to one launched on 29th of August – around territory.

Control of reentry into atmosphere missiles

Pyongyang had also sought, according to south Korean army, to refine control of reentry into atmosphere of missiles, which is essential to development of intercontinental missiles with nuclear warheads. The last bullet fired has reached an altitude of 770 km.

In Japan again flew over, shooting has triggered system (J-Alert civil security in twelve departments of east and north of country. It's sound of sirens, and alerts on mobile phone that residents of area woke up. The public broadcaster NHK immediately interrupted its programmes to ensure coverage of follow-up to shooting.

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" re is no damage on soil of nippon, "said government spokesman Yoshihide Suga, who called launch" unacceptable ". "Our country can no longer tolerate provocations repeat of North Korea, has declared, while prime minister Shinzo Abe is on an official visit in India. We have strongly protested and we pass strong indignation of japanese people. "And Mr. Suga pointed to close cooperation on this issue with United States and South Korea. The self-defense Forces have not sought to shoot down missile.

In South Korea, a new missile air-to-ground

In South Korea, in addition to a meeting of national security Council, minister of foreign affairs Kang Kyung-wha has met with u.s. secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

The army would have led, according to agency Yonhap, firing of ballistic missiles in sea of Japan (Sea). It has already done after firing previous and nuclear test on September 3. She has also performed on 13th of September from a combat aircraft F-15K, a test of a new missile air-to-ground with a range of 500 km and was purchased from German company Taurus System. The craft has capacity stealth which makes it oretically undetectable.

in addition to Bank of Korea had to meet in urgency to check on status of preparation of means that can be mobilised to deal with any destabilization of markets. The Kospi, main stock index in south korea, started session down 0.4 %.


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