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North Korea launches a missile over Japan

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North Korea launches a missile over Japan
BEIJING - L'had threatened, and l'did. A new missile,'anor challenge and this time staged even to gates of capital, where just last weekend, he had called scientists, hero of mega nuclear test to celebrate in a gala in its own way elegant. Kim Jong-un against world and against all.Perché missile would fly once again on head of Japan, a sign that it is, refore, an intercontinental missile, one of ones that is capable of reaching Us, or at least in mid range. Flew in fact, for 3700 miles, reaching 770 miles d'height: enough, in short, to reach american base of Guam, which has threatened last month to "surround yourself with a circle of fire" (even if Pentagon, in night, has not excluded that launch poses a threat to Usa). A range, that  of missile last night, that would have crossed "red line" drawn from Seoul: we will not allow Kim to get an atomic bomb that could fit on an intercontinental missile.A launch that arrives at it' dawn of 15 September here, but above all, with punctualityà already demonstrated by regime, follows a real calendar of provocations: Mondayì last l'Un approved new sanctions, and just today, in Usa it was still afternoon of 14 September, president, Donald Trump has officially announced his journey to November in this part of world. Sì, president who has promised to "fire and flames" visiterà in addition to China and Japan, South Korea, arriverà in Seoul, three-quarters of d'now from border demilitarizzato where are stationed artillery of Kim.

The official picture of launch issued by Agency, north Korean Kcna

Share   The launch has immediately take, a meeting of security council of south korea, ordered by president Moon Jae-in. It seems to have become an appointment tragically fixed. And chissà as if enjoys in residence bunker in Pyongyang Kim-Strangelove. In se now Seoul has revived l'operation "beheading", special team tasked to go and find it: try and catch, seems to play Young Marshal, launching missiles right from capital, last proof of his incredible impunità.The ballistic missile launched tonight (6,57 local time in morning) from Korea of North from area of Sunan è fallen to 2,000 km to east from cape Arakura on' japanese island of Okkaido. They report it to State tv japan Nhk specifying that missile is penetrated into air space of japanese to 7,04 local, to get out of it after 2 minutes and plunging into sea to 7,16. In total carrier has n run at least 3,500 km.L'agency south Korean Yonhap cites military leaders in south korea think it might have been well-known Hwasong - 12 ballistic missile intermediate-range (Irbm) and not an Icbm, an intercontinental, as two Hwasong - 14 launched on 4th and 28th of July and can reach whole of l'Europe and Usa.Today dictator nordcoreasno Kim Jong-un had threatened to "sink Japan" using its nuclear arsenal. The one last night is 15th missile test north korea from'early' year and following 12 days, l' explosion of first H-bomb, all's hydrogen of Pyongyang, on Sunday 3 September. 


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