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North korea launches another missile that flies over Japan

Pyongyang already shot a projectile in August in the same direction

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North korea launches another missile that flies over Japan

Pyongyang already shot a projectile in August in same direction

North Korea launched this Friday anor missile, in a new gesture of provocation. The rocket, which reached a height of 7,000 feet and traveled up to 3,700 kilometers to east, flew over japanese territory before falling into ocean. The launch of what Pentagon considers a missile intermediate-range arrives just three days after Security Council of UN imposed new sanctions on regime of Kim Jong-un after country held on September 3, its sixth nuclear test, most powerful to date.

The rocket, according to Defence in south korea, she departed vicinity of Sunan international airport in Pyongyang. Flew over island to japan's Hokkaido, which activated alarm system to population, and ended up falling 2,000 miles in Pacific. “The Government warns people to keep away from what could be fragments of a missile,” said alert sent to population.


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As a response to missile, second that it launches by North Korea in less than a month, South Korea conducted a military exercise that included live fire and test of a missile. The rocket, south Korean, according to Board of Greater State of this country, had capacity to reach airport of Sunan.

In response to new challenge of regime of Kim Jong-un, secretary of State of EE. UU., Rex Tillerson, has urged all countries to take new measures against North Korea. The message is especially aimed towards China and Russia, neighbors of “hermit kingdom” and two of its major trading partners. “China supplies most of oil north korea. Russia is main employer of forced labour of north Korean”, indicates Tillerson in a statement. “China and Russia must signal ir intolerance for se launches daredevils, adopting measures own and direct”.

The rest of international community has condemned also so energetic new release. The Security Council has convened an emergency meeting this Friday to address situation. In South Korea, president Moon Jae-in has held a special meeting of his national security council. The minister of Foreign affairs has said that country will strengn ir capacity to respond to threats of his neighbor.

In Japan, prime minister Shinzo Abe, who was returning from an official visit to India, has called for unity in international community, and that sanctions against regime of Kim Jong-un is strictly complied with. “We must make North Korea understand that its future will not be rosy if it continues on this path,” he said.

on August 29, North Korea had launched a missile prior, also from vicinity of airport of Pyongyang, and that also flew over japanese territory, in what was an escalation of ir threat.

tension has been rising especially since arrival to White House to Donald Trump and an acceleration of program of armament ballistic and nuclear north korea, Pyongyang has stepped up not only its threats against united States, but also against South Korea and Japan, which accuses him of support “burning” to Washington. This Thursday, Pyongyang had threatened Japan with “sink it in sea” with a nuclear bomb.

According to experts, flights over Japan, which fulfill a double mission to Pyongyang: time that will allow you to get important technical data on effectiveness of its missiles, it also seeks to disseminate doubts in neighboring country on aid that Tokyo or Seoul - may receive from its us ally in case of danger.

Since last February, North Korea has launched 22 missiles in 15 tests. Their stated goal is to have capability of attacking us mainland with nuclear bombs mounted on intercontinental missiles.

This summer tested with success on two occasions launch of an intercontinental missile, and has threatened to put u.s. island of Guam in its sights.

In a press release about launch, u.s. military has stressed that its territory was not threatened at any time by missile.


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