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North Korea threatens the summit between Trump and Kim

Pyongyang demands that it not be corral to force it to unilaterally renounce its nuclear armament

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North Korea threatens the summit between Trump and Kim

Things get complicated. North Korea now threatens to cancel highly anticipated summit between its supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, and U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore on 12 June. The reason asserted, statements of national security adviser John Bolton recommends that Pyongyang adopt "Libyan model" of denuclearization. A maneuver with which norrn regime seeks to pressure Washington to demand that White House offer gestures of goodwill and reach meeting from a position of strength.

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The Korean declaration has weight. The firm is an influential position of regime, Deputy Foreign Minister Kim Kye-Gwan. And feel basis with which North Korea wants to negotiate: it will not give up unilateral and totally to its nuclear program, as United States demands it. But it does not represent a band closure: it leaves door open to maintain summit, as long as Washington stops proposing to Libya as a model and does not insist that Pyongyang take all steps first before United States access to move token. The north considers that it has already offered a series of gestures, from announcement of dismantling of its nuclear test centre to delivery of three Americans holding prisoners.

"If United States corner us and unilaterally demands that we get rid of our nuclear program, we will stop having an interest in talks and have to reconsider if we accept next US-Korean summit," says Deputy Minister, disseminated by official agency KCNA.

The declaration attacks in a special way against John Bolton, one of "Super Hawks" of Republican Party in Washington, a great driver of war against Iraq and who already played a role in failed six-gang negotiations with North Korea on Denuclearization. Bolton has suggested that idea that White House has in mind is that North Korea will completely get rid of its nuclear program as Libya did in 2003 and 2004. A statement, in eyes of Pyongyang, or very provocative or very stupid.

The Libyan leader of time, Muammar Gaddafi, ended up overthrown and died at hands of rebels partially financed by West in 2011. North Korea has always been particularly aware of that example, and Iraq, to claim that it needs deterrent capacity of a nuclear bomb to ensure that regime and country do not end in same way.

Bolton's statements, Kim explains, are "a manifestation of a tremendously sinister initiative to impose on our own worthy state fate of Libya or Iraq, which collapsed for having subjected all of its countries to great Powers" .

"We are already enlightened about Bolton's quality in past, and we do not hide our feelings of disgust towards him," statement adds. He also warns: "If President Trump follows footsteps of his predecessors, he will remain in annals as a more tragic and more unsuccessful president than his predecessors, far from his initial ambition to achieve unprecedented success."

Although communiqué seems to be part of Korean strategy-in past negotiations it has employed similar tactics-it is true that negotiating process, which so far seemed to advance in a surprisingly fast and friendly way, has found Pitfalls. After confirming Tuesday that re would be high-level talks between two Koreas on south side in Panmunjom, on border, this morning, Pyongyang has cancelled m unilaterally. They would have dealt with holding of separate family meetings or establishment of a liaison office in Kaesong, on north side of border; All this, part of agreement signed between Kim Jong-un and South Korean Moon Jae-in at its summit of April 27 also in Panmunjom.

In this case, motive alleged in a second communiqué also distributed by KCNA is surprising at first sight: joint military maneuvers "Max Thunder" that develop South Korea and United States se days and that regime of Kim family had Declared acceptable a few weeks ago. The north considers se maneuvers a provocation and a little disguised essay of a possible invasion of its territory.

In exercises, called Max Thunder, re are a hundred planes involved, including strategic bombers B-52, as well as about 1,500 soldiers. Developed annually, this time Pentagon refused to embark on journalists with idea of lowering ir profile. Pyongyang didn't feel that way

The communiqué also refers to anor factor that has particularly disturbed north: appearance in South National Assembly of Thae Yong-Ho, former North Korean diplomat who defected last year while in London. Thae believes that Kim Jong-UN's regime cannot carry out a complete and irreversible denuclearization process, as Washington demands, or carry out economic reforms similar to those undertaken by China or Vietnam, in danger of losing power.

"The South Korean authorities have resorted to improper acts contrary to promise of collaborating for peace, prosperity and reunification of peninsula, and have resorted to provocative acts such as allowing a human scum to drag through mud ostentatiously dignity of supreme leader and his system... in National Assembly, " communiqué points out.

In any case, negotiations are not broken; At moment, it is only a punch on table by one of participants. Statements and Counterdeclarations are part of process, by sounding or extemporaneous that may seem.

"It's not a surprise, it's part of Kim's negotiating game; It must want some concession from China or United States, or directly it has come to conclusion that Washington is determined to impose denuclearization and wants to leave negotiating table, "said expert Anthony Ruggiero of think tank Conservative Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

The next step, if it does not happen before something unexpected-and in this atypical process of thawing can be expected anything-will happen in a week, when North Korea will complete, in eyes of foreign journalists, dismantling of its test center Nuclear in Punggye-ri. What you do n, and how you do it, will give a new lead on negotiation march.

Dismantling in progress

This Tuesday, before North Korea's decision to suspend contacts, an analysis of satellite images taken on North Korea's atomic evidence base showed "a first definitive test" that regime is dismantling site. This was considered by experts from 38North specialized page following material obtained on May 7th, about a week after Kim Jong-Un announced closure of base where six nuclear tests were carried out. On 27 April, Kim Jong-Un pledged to take steps to achieve denuclearization of Korean Peninsula during historic Summit it held with South Korean President Moon Jae-in.


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