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Not NATO, bases out?

At the Summit of the Alliance, President Trump's tiesto exits show an upside-down world

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Not NATO, bases out?

Now that fascinating personal archive of former President Felipe González (1982-1996) comes to light, it is time to give Atlantic alliance anor round of Turkish. Gonzalez went from opposing NATO's integration of Calvo-Sotelo government in 1982 to campaigning for himself in a March 1986 referendum, risking his political life to a letter. And he won. The overwhelming common sense of history, integration in Europe, factual powers, ended up imposing on all of m.

In light of that, today we find a disturbing paradox. At NATO summit, President Trump's Tiesto exits show a world backwards. More than three and a half decades later, he is a president of United States who, with his attitude of contempt for alliance, or his veiled threats to Merkel, seems to say same thing as socialist outskirts in 1981: Non-entry NATO; Moreover, a NATO no, bases out.

Because Trump not only distorts basic codes, mixing business quarrels issues with a vital issue like security, in unprecedented blackmail. Also, to that Europe who is asked (rightly) more responsibility, is required to increase to 4% of GDP spending on defense, by way buying American. And enemy that could justify everything, Putin's Russia, does not know if it is such, depending on day and hour.

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The key is for what. and missions abroad. And everything EU and NATO can share, which is a lot. The Spanish government has certainly targeted missions in fight against jihad or regional stabilization. Our commitment to increase spending is reasonable and hides a double trick: it is subordinate to internal political determinants — Parliament as seat of such a strategic decision — and that margin is left to spend "European", that is, in capacities and according to Vision, as a European pillar of Alliance. If EU reinforces, NATO will eventually become something else.

A salvage obstacle? Not for long: NATO could withstand four years: But if Trump is re-elected, in a fragile and divided Europe, organization will overcomes definitively.

With flags of our parents in background, today seems to draw anor beginning: A different NATO, European bases. The election of Rota's naval base as strategic headquarters of Atalanta maritime operation is a good start. But, on that, capitalized politics is flying over again. For González, Democratic pronouncement for this strategic issue, in Parliament and in citizenry, was always very important. Today with President Sanchez could be again. In his papers (November, 1984), González, something enigmatic, points in relation to process: "I would not have made this decision".

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