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Omar Mukhtar was executed, 86. the year

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Omar Mukhtar was executed, 86. the year
Omar Mukhtar was executed, 86. year date of entry: 16.9.2017 21:24 Updated date: 16.9.2017 22:54 16 September 1931 Mukhtar in Libya executed by invading forces of Italy exhibited resistance recognized worldwide in over 86 years.

in face of invading Italian forces in Libya and turned into a worldwide symbol of resistance exhibited "Lion of desert" also known as Omar Mukhtar was executed over 86 years.

born in 1860s mountainous region of Jabal ahdar Mukhtar in Libya, senoussi movement took active in area of education in madrasas. Senoussi within movement and movement attracted attention of leading names in showing success in education Mukhtar, in 1899 he gave up armed struggle against French colonial and missionary work in Chad.

launching invasion of Libya in 1911 by Italy, attacked Tripoli and Benghazi. Italian forces in region demanded surrender of Ottoman forces, Ottoman troops but refusing to do it with Libyan local defence troops, move inland and fought against Italians.

with outbreak of Balkan war, Ottoman troops returned to Anatolia, while Italians province of Tripoli, Tripoli, cyrenaica and fizan region was seized.

Omar Mukhtar who is a teacher of Quran and Islamic Sciences in profession, knowing geography and strategic warfare tactics to defeat Italians overcame big. With success in war of desert "lion" in nickname field Mukhtar, in spite of his age against Italy 22-year occupation of many during struggle with defeat of governor sent back to his country.

in Italy, a change of management after last fascist leader Benito Mussolini in 1930, as Governor of Italian region, has appointed General Rodolfo graziani.

graziani in management of National Military against insurgents after failure of attempt of Italian forces in 1931, with approval of Mussolini, Italy embarked on a new strategy in region bloody.

nearly 100 thousand people in region, Jebel Ahdar concentration camps were brought to civil coastal locals, and by closing Egyptian border, support of Libyan rebels, line is disconnected.

LED Senoussi continued to struggle with Reeve, but local attacks of air forces of Italy and those who cooperate with Italians, Mukhtar September 11, 1931, in region Slunta was ambushed, wounded and he was captured.

chipboard Italian forces supposedly removed in prisoner of war camp sentenced to death by court by mayor of 16 was executed in September 1931.

fighting with Reeve, Italian general Graziani also after meeting with Omar Mukhtar, said:

"medium, big, hair, beard and moustache white, Omar, waste, and he had a lively mind, knowledgeable in religious matters, he had a tough and energetic character. Selfless and tavizsiz. Senoussi foremost among leaders of movement, despite being devout and he was poor."

Lion of desert, white screen

resistance against Italians Omar Mukhtar of Libya who became a national hero in struggle exhibited attracted attention of Hollywood. The rise of Islam "on Call" for Syrian Director Mustafa Akkad known for movies, "Lion of desert" (1981) brought toger an audience towards movie Omar Mukhtar, Italians struggle.


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