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One year of the Russian plot: Putin's tentacles stalk Trump

Mueller has filed charges against 22 people and companies as he narrows the siege around the president and relies on questioning

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One year of the Russian plot: Putin's tentacles stalk Trump

Donald Trump's nightmare is his first year. On May 17, 2017, Robert Mueller was appointed special prosecutor of Russian plot behind American president. The goal of respected deputy director of FBI was to clarify wher Trump or his team coordinated with Moscow's interference in 2016 elections. That end is still greatest mystery. But in a year, Mueller has interrogated much of Trump's environment, has confirmed Russian intrusion, has filed charges against 22 people and companies, has been sentenced to one and has made three exadvisers of President plead guilty and cooperate with Research. In background, great movement is carved in chess game: Mueller relies on taking Trump's statement.

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The president threw this Thursday of irony to attack again against special prosecutor, who was appointed by number two of Department of Justice following dismissal of James Comey as director of FBI. "Congratulations America, we are now in second year of largest witch hunt in American history... and still no collusion or obstruction," he wrote on Twitter. "The only collusion was carried out by Democrats who were unable to win an election despite spending much more money!"

On eve, however, Trump suffered a hard setback from his own party. Senate Intelligence Committee Republicans unmarked from ir counterparts in House of Representatives and endorsed intelligence agencies ' conclusion that Kremlin ordered an intrusion campaign to help Trump become president and Denigrate his rival, Democrat Hillary Clinton. The members of Senate panel "see no reason to dispute" that conclusion, as announced by its president, Republican Richard Burr. On or hand, in March Republican chief of that same committee in Chamber rejected that Russia sought to favor Trump and denied that it colluded with Moscow. The latter issue has not yet been examined by Senate.

Trump and his entourage have consistently minimized that Russian meddling--which y have only occasionally admitted and reluctantly--sought to help now president. Trump even said he believed denial of Moscow though he n turned back. In January 2017, prior to inauguration of Republican, American intelligence community came to a clear conclusion: "Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered a campaign of influence in 2016 against U.S. presidential election. Russia's goal was to undermine public faith in democratic process, denigrate Secretary Clinton, and damage her eligibility and potential presidency. Putin and Russian government developed a clear preference for Trump. "

Moscow's interference, through dissemination of propaganda and compromising information about Democrats that had been stolen, meant a humiliation for democracy in world's most powerful country. This is what Democrats perceive but also many Republicans, who insist on urgency of preventing it from happening again. But Trump sees in interference a blow to his pride, a questioning of his victory.

No one better than Mueller embodies that feeling. Trump, 71 years old, interpreted as a betrayal appointment of Mueller, also a New Yorker and of 73 years. In last year, President has embarked on a fierce war to discredit him. He has threatened to dismiss him, but for now he has not dared to fear unleashing a major hurricane. His presidency has become a headache of legal problems. The White House is full of constantly changing lawyers. And Russian plot, that "cloud" that Donald Trump complained eclipsed his mandate, is an omnipresent shadow.

One of biggest unknowns if president will agree to be interrogated by special prosecutor. Mr. Rudy Giuliani, Trump's attorney, has suggested that he will and that Mueller is not filing criminal charges against president because he would follow Justice Department guideline of 1973 and 2000 that a representative in office cannot be prosecuted in court.

The importance of November

If a crime was found, it would all depend on Congress. A clear indictment of Trump could provoke start of a process of impeachment (removal) against president, especially if Democrats are made with control of House of Representatives in November elections. The process can be driven by cases of "treason, bribery, high crime or misdemeanors." This broad interpretation makes everything dependent on will of congressmen. For example, impeachment to Bill Clinton in 1998, of which he was exonerated, was presented on basis of accusation of a crime of obstruction to justice and of perjury of president in his sexual adventure with Monica Lewinsky.

Mueller, for moment, is in absolute silence. His secret investigations revolve around two principles: if re was conchabanza between Trump team and Kremlin; And if, as president, Trump has tried to obstruct investigation into Russian interference, especially when he fired Comey, who was leading investigations at head of FBI.

But Mueller has also broadened his focus. He delves into personal financial arrangements of President's entourage, including Paul Manafort, who was his campaign manager, Michael Flynn, his first national security counselor, or Michael Cohen, his personal lawyer who paid in 2016 to a sex actress so that he wouldn't He'll tell his alleged sexual adventure with Trump. Anor source of analysis is contacts between elections and takeover of Trump's environment with Russian people.

The investigation has entered its second year and Mueller narrows its siege to Trump, but it is a riddle its course. Upon completion of your inquiries, you must communicate your findings to Rod Rosenstein, deputy attorney general who appointed you. His final report could also reach Congress which, according to conclusions, would decide on a impeachment process. A exoneration from president would entail a accolade major and end of his nightmare.


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