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Open Arms NGO accuses Libya of letting two people die at sea

Matteo Salvini accuses the organization of lying and announces that it will not enter any Italian port again

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Open Arms NGO accuses Libya of letting two people die at sea
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Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has imposed his immigration policy on Italy and is on his way to doing so in Europe. On mainland, you have almost no oposción. And at sea, where in month of June one of every seven migrants who tried to cross Mediterranean died, re are fewer boats that hinder ir strategy of zero landings. So yesterday he returned to charge against Spanish NGO proactive Open Arms, turned enemy number 1, and said in his Twitter account that "only see Italian ports in postcard". Soon after, reality, whose figures are far from corresponding to invasion that advertises Salvini, sent a response from sea.

Due Navi di Ong spagnole sono tornadoe nel Mediterraneo in Attea del loro Carico di serio Umani. Risparmino Tempo e Denaro, i porti Italiani li Vedranno in Cartolina.

— Matteo Salvini (@matteosalvinimi) July 17, 2018

Two of organization's ships were at that time central Mediterranean to try to rescue migrants who cross se days in an area where re are practically no or boats to help. "To save money and time, Italian ports will see m in postcard," wrote Salvini, reinforced by recent success of its fait accompli policy, which has provoked redistribution of last migrants to Italy and is based on alleged Effectiveness of Libya's rescue teams. He had not yet seen video released by NGO he accuses of transporting "human flesh."

The Astral, one of boats of NGO that runs Catalan Óscar camps, ran into minutes later with remains of a rubber boat destroyed by supposed Libyan coast guard. Between pieces of wood and plastic floated corpse of a woman and a child. Anor woman, only survivor, took 48 hours adrift clinging to one of pieces of wood. According to Proactive Open Arms re is only one possible explanation: The three migrants did not want to accompany Coast Guard and y, in retaliation, abandoned m after destroying boat y were travelling in. "I want to report a failure to help merchant ship Triades, which has abandoned a boat in middle of night, and so-called Libyan coastguards, who arrive two days late and leave people. This is direct consequence of hiring armed militias to make rest of Europe believe that Libya is a safe state with a Coast guard able to take over this. This is direct consequence of not letting us work in Mediterranean, "he launched camps aiming directly at Salvini.

On board ship, located in international waters 80 miles from Libya, was also Erasmus Palazzotto, a representative of free and Equal Italian party, which holds Government of Italy responsible for what happened. "He is responsible for crimes committed by what he calls ' Coast Guard '. 48 hours before he had announced interception of a boat with 158 people on board, having provided medical and humanitarian assistance. Too bad y forgot to say that y abandoned two women and a four-year-old boy on board and that y have sunk boat because y did not want to go on Libyan boat, " politician points out to country.

Salvini, however, denies accusations and defends Libyan coast Guard. Its closed-port policy is based on alleged good functioning of rescue teams of African country and on unusual idea that Libya is a safe port, as required by maritime code so that rescued can be transferred re. The Ministry of Interior is refore trying to keep its credibility safe in a strange defence of anor country. "It's all insults and lies of some foreign NGO that confirms that we are on right track: reducing games and landing means reducing deaths," he said on Facebook. In addition, Interior ensures that NGO's complaint is a "fake news" and that will present evidence that dismounts it in next few hours.

The trans-alpine government has already assimilated league's migratory policy and closed ports even to military missions. It does not matter if arrivals have fallen by 80% compared to last year and what y have risen are deaths (more than 1,000 in 2018). Salvini came to doubt last week that an Italian coast guard boat could dock in an Italian port if migrants on board did not fall handcuffed. A provocation that ended up finding response and intervention of President of Republic, Sergio Mattarella. The writer Roberto Viano, already converted into scourge of Salvini, was first to reply to him. "The minister of Bad life speaks of ' lies ' and ' insults ' about dead at sea. But with what face? Confess rar how much pleasure it gives you to see innocent children die at sea. "

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