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Opening of the embassy in Jerusalem divides Europe and Latin America

Czechs, Romanians, Hungarians and Austrians break ranks in the European Union

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Opening of the embassy in Jerusalem divides Europe and Latin America

Israel has wanted to celebrate transfer of U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem in a very high order and for this it organized a diplomatic reception to which 86 of 161 countries with which it has relations were invited. Some thirty responded to official invitation to go on Sunday night to an event held at headquarters of Ministry of Foreign Affairs. These are 10 African countries, seven Latin Americans, four Asians and three non-EU Europeans. Among those who boycotted reception are members of European Union, with exception of four who refused to abide by discipline — previously agreed upon — not to support transfer of U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv.

Europe is cracking in position of Israel in full tension with US over Washington's withdrawal from nuclear agreement with Iran. The Ambassadors of Hungary, Romania, Austria and Czech Republic attended meeting in Jerusalem. That diplomatic dissonance prevented EU from expressing a common and energetic position in face of controversial US twist. The reluctance of Hungary, Romania and Czech Republic (not Austria, according to sources consulted) blocked a common declaration of 28 member states. Although text did not intend to directly fail Donald Trump's decision, it did make it clear that Brussels did not share measure at all. Once deaths of Palestinians killed by Israeli forces were met, EU's High Representative for foreign policy, Federica Mogherini, did issue a statement calling on all parties " utmost restraint." Israel particularly urged it to "respect right to peaceful protest and principle of proportionality in use of force."

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  • FOTOGALERÍALas protests in Gaza for inauguration of US Embassy in Jerusalem, in images

The European reaction — of a lower diplomatic rank than if it had been expressed on behalf of its 28 members — regretted indirectly transfer of American Embassy to Jerusalem by referring to "international consensus on Jerusalem", a territory disputed by Israelis and Palestinians. Mogherini recalled that this consensus also affects " location of diplomatic representations".

The EU continues to advocate officially for creation of two states, with Jerusalem as a common capital. The demarque of several countries of East obeys more to a desire not to exhibit a confrontation with Trump than to divergences with official position of EU in this field.

The division is also patent among Latin American States. While Guatemala — on 16th — and Paraguay — on 21st — plan to move its diplomatic headquarters this month to holy city, Honduras finalize legal procedures to follow in its footsteps. Diplomats from Peru, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Panama also attended reception, where re were no representatives of greats of region, such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia or Argentina.


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