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Palestinian reconciliation was hoped for Gaza

The humanitarian situation in Gaza is expected to heal in Palestine, with Fatah and Hamas being transferred to the Palestine N Government in the Gaza administration.

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Palestinian reconciliation was hoped for Gaza

Palestinians are looking forward to seeing positive consequences of agreement signed between Hamas and Fatah delegations in Gaza, Islamic Resistance movement as part of negotiations in Cairo, capital of Egypt.

Palestinian experts say that in event of agreement between Fatah and Hamas, economic situation in Gaza will change, and that blockade and division would end.

Besides improvement of economy and infrastructure, according to statistical data, decline of unemployment rates reaching 44 per cent in Gaza and positive reflections on social structure are hoped to occur.

As a result of election made in Gaza in 2006, Hamas was divided into business. With aim of breaking Hamas ' dominance in Gaza, Israel began to implement a blockade to prevent many products from entering city, especially construction material. Due to blockade, many factories and manufacturing sectors were negatively affected. However, humanitarian situation in Gaza is expected to heal after Palestinian settlement agreement signed in Cairo on October 12th.


Reconstruction works in Gaza

"Social and economic recovery in Gaza depends on realisation and implementation of this agreement," said Palestinian economic expert Mazin El-Acle.

In event of implementation of Treaty clauses, voicing rapid developments in direction of improvement in Gaza, acle, due to fact that infrastructure is quite worn in city, results of this development will emerge more clearly in coming years He drew attention.

Stressing importance of Palestinian leadership to dominate Gaza and saying that re will be an increase in aid from abroad, Acle will move faster in city if government is considering helping to change hand argued.

Opening of border crossings


There are seven border crossings in Gaza, six of m are under control of Israel and Rafah border crossing of Egypt. After Hamas movement completely dominated Gaza as a result of election in 2006, Israel had completely banned entry of many products by expanding blockade. After 2007, Israel closed four of border crossings. Controlling passage of commercial products, Israel left doors open to Erez, where entrance of people was made by Kerm Abu Salim Gate.

The President of Gaza Chamber of Commerce Mahir Tabba said that after agreement, exports of goods produced in Gaza would be nature of export, so that it is expected to be alive in many sectors.

Tabba, due to prevention of exports of hundreds of factories in Gaza, new developments in production of exports to market will take action.


Electricity and water shortage

After settlement agreement, electricity shortage in Gaza, said Tabba, a daily electricity consumption in Gaza is 450 megawatts, however, 210 megawatts can be met.

"There are 170 kinds of medicines on list of polls, and 270 medical supplies are not in Gaza," Tabba said, transmitting most health sector affected by blockade.


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