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Panic in Parsons Green

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Panic in Parsons Green

A bombing on London Underground with a "bucket pump" cause at least 22 wounded

A cube-bomb caused probably by explosion

Were to 8.20 in morning, in full rush hour in London underground. Dozens of passengers awaited arrival of next train. The last thing y expected was to see a "ball of fire" as doors opened and a stampede of people running away to cries of "what A blast!".

"we Feared that train jump in air", told BBC Peter Crowley, who came running and with feeling of being chamuscaba head: "I Felt fire in front, and y treated me for minor burns, but I've been lucky and re were lots of people worse than me, almost all of m with cuts and wounds on face".

In midst of panic attack, re were travellers who were able to photograph bucket-pump, which was still burning, while or shouted in direction of a suspect that ran between crowd.

"There's a man! There's a man!", came to listen to accountant Sarah Hickson, who was also traveling on metro heading to City. "People screamed and ran in opposite direction, between stomping and shoving.

re Were wounded in stampede, I came to fear above all by a pregnant woman and a child that went to school".

Luke Walmsley, who recorded scene on video, and saw at least a dozen passengers bloodied and attended to metro exit as y came in ambulance: "re Was a woman with two legs in flesh and a child of about ten years between wounded."

James Hurrington, who works in a shop of 24 hours near station, saw to pass stampede of people in front of ir noses: "don't let out people from mouth of subway, and all ran as if life depended on it and saying that he had exploded a bomb.

I closed my shop and I joined m until we passed danger".

The police cordoned off station of Parsons Green, in southwest London, a stone's throw of stadium of Chelsea. Although station suffered no major damage, Scotland Yard ordered closure of final stretch towards Wimbledon for duration of investigation.

The rest of District line, green line that runs parallel to Thames before heading towards south of London, continued to operate normally, like rest of metro lines. is A sense of strange normalcy and relative relief was installed in London along a new morning, marked by tragedy that could not be.


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