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Participation will decide the second round of the presidential elections in Chile

The rise of the votes abroad encourages the progressive Guillier, who needs a great mobilization

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Participation will decide the second round of the presidential elections in Chile

Chilean electoral colleges were more empty than usual during start of key vote that will decide who chairs country. But that does not indicate that influx to ballot box is going to collapse, because it is a much simpler choice than first round: re are no longer eight candidates, only two, and also no legislators voted as it happened a month ago. Participation is key to elections. All experts agree that if he falls far from first round, conservative former President Sebastián Piñera will win without problems. If it remains or falls very little, Social Democrat Alejandro Guillier will have chance to give big surprise and impose itself in an election that a month ago seemed definitively lost by center left. The increase of participation in tables of foreigner and victory of Guillier in most of m encouraged ir ranks before count.

The two candidates voted first thing, Guillier in Antofagasta (norrn Chile, region for which he is Senator) and Piñera in luxurious neighborhood of Santiago in which he lives, Las condes. Both made calls of rigor to participation, but it is Guillier one who plays it more re. The journalist who took leap into politics needs a very strong mobilization of all voters of left-wing broad front to reverse results of first round, in which Piñera took 15 points away.

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The broad front has such a strong role in this second round, much larger than in first, because its 20% is decisive. And that made election day even generate more media interest and citizen enthusiasm in vote of Beatriz Sanchez, journalist who surprised everyone and ridiculed polls when he was very close to sneak in second round as can Didata from Broad Front. In his statements, Sanchez showed difficulties that Guillier will have to take all voters of training he represents, located to left of head of Social Democratic cartel. She has said that she will vote for progressive candidate, but she made it very clear distance from her group with him.

"We as a broad front have settled as a country project, we will oppose any of candidates.. We're not going to participate in government. We're not going to set up a negotiation. We pose as opposition to one who comes out. I've said who I'm going to vote for [for Guillier] but people own ir vows. I don't feel possessed of anyone's vows. I have not made a call to vote, "he insisted.

That distance that shows broad front by Guillier, although all its important leaders have said at last moment y will vote, contrasts with vote on right, which is fully united with Piñera. So much so that candidate to right of former president, José Antonio Kast, an ultracatholic Pinochet, not only asked vote openly from first minute to Piñera but went to an election table to become an auditor in favor of former president as a Gesture more to group all votes in front of left disaggregated.

Kast's participation generated only tense moments of a very quiet day, as is usual in Chile. Some citizens rebuked right-wing leader who had to be protected by law enforcement, but tension was quickly resolved.

In recent days it has even tried to install in right-wing voters fear of a victory of Guillier, supported by Broad front, with term "Chilezuela" — a mix between Chile and Venezuela — for fear that Chile will enter a Bolivarian drift. It is something so unreal in a country where even Michelle Bachelet's attempt at free college education has had enormous resistance, which was subject of derision. "Chilezuela is ridiculous, it will be a humorous point for this campaign," Sanchez laughed.


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