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Paseíllo to the stars of the pro-independence

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Paseíllo to the stars of the pro-independence

The nationalists enjoyed to pleasure of an act that counted with a device police of eight agents

The hypotical state of siege to police that he had spoken of was finally not such. Even though local delegate of Spanish Government in Tarragona, Jordi Sierra, to warn verbally to company that manages rental of Tarraco Arena Plaça (TAP) -former bullring, now covered by way of multi-purpose pavilion - illegality of act pro-referendum. It had been rumored that involved Civil Guard, and had speculated with reinforcements that have arrived to Reus from National Body of Police, but moment of truth yesterday only made act of presence two patrol cars of Local Police of Tarragona, and two or of Mossos d'esquadra to cut adjacent streets and peatonalizar environment of TAP.

Those eight officers, an ambulance and several dozens of guards juries of Prosegur formed control device and disappointed those who predicted riots. The only moment of slight tension that altered general tone of festive atmosphere, without any incident worth mentioning, he lived on 20.00 hours, when some 3,000 people were in street when completed capacity of square, which was packed to rafters with or approximately 8,000 souls. "They could have thought at least on some giant screens", claimed most disappointed.

in Addition to conversation, Saw to inform to concessionaire of Tarraco Arena Plaza, PP has already asked Provincial council of Tarragona, owner of space, have a report to legal services to meet "scope and implications" of having disregarded injunctions.

The possible entanglement of legal not noticed at all on street. "I have not heard anything, it seems to me a nonsense... you see that it is mobilized peacefully, we only ask that you leave express to people. How will that be illegal?", he defended Angels, a middle-aged lady coming from Reus, as a spokesperson for a discourse widespread in place.

The organizers managed to bathroom of masses that were looking for. Although bulls have been banned in Catalonia, paseíllo is maintained. You could not have sought a better location that an environment of taurine for showcasing of best-known faces of pro-independence: Forcadell, Romeva , and More -that came 15 minutes later - were treated like stars before a concert and entered arena grown between standing ovations, esteladas to wind and classic mantra: "Inde, inde, independència.

To Puigdemont already noticed joker for afternoon when he predicted absence of clouds in boot campaign. At end it rained. It remains to be seen if atinará best in its forecast of 1-O.


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