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Peña Nieto uncovers Meade as PRI presidential candidate

I wish you the greatest success in the project you have decided to undertake, the president said after accepting his resignation in the Ministry of Finance. Shortly thereafter, Meade announced that it posturá to candidate

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Peña Nieto uncovers Meade as PRI presidential candidate
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The President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto, profiling on Monday secretary of Finance, José Antonio Meade, as candidate of Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to succeed him in presidential elections next year. "I wish you greatest success in project you have decided to undertake," said president after accepting Meade's resignation, a word that was interpreted as expected uncovering of PRI challenger. Shortly reafter, so far responsible for Treasury confirmed that it will fight to be candidate of ruling party to presidency.

"José Antonio Meade has proven to be a man of good and with a deep love for Mexico." "Thank you very much, Pepe and a lot of success." The words with which Peña Nieto accepted resignation of secretary of finance first thing on Monday were far from being a goodbye. Except for last-minute surprise, y assume Meade's appointment as his favorite aspirant to aspire to succeed him. Not being a militant of PRI, so far responsible for finance had until this Thursday to formalize candidacy. All or members of party who want to contend can present ir credentials before next Monday.

Meade had been very cautious when talking about his aspirations, though he had never hidden m. The announcement that it will give battle to be candidate of PRI excludes, at least at moment, of anor of posts for which it had sounded strongly and that it was to be concretized also this week: replacement of Agustín Carstens as governor of Bank of Mexico. While this position is concreted, Mexican president appointed so far director general of Pemex, José Antonio González Anaya, as new Secretary of Treasury. In front of Mexican oil company will be Carlos Alberto Treviño.

In favor of Meade as a possible candidate PRI plays to have been only member of Cabinet of Peña Nieto who participated in a pan government, previous one of Felipe Calderón (2006-2012), of whom it was also responsible for Hacienda. The economic powers consider it ideal candidate and a guarantor of stability. Against him is, precisely, not being a member of PRI. The Tricolor formation has been forced to change statutes to allow someone who is not a militant to opt to be presidential candidate, which has not seated well in some sectors of tricolor.

Until this Monday responsible for finance not only received support of President. Almost every member of Government stormed out to congratulate him after his resignation. The strong man of Peña Nieto, and close friend of Meade, Chancellor Luis Videgaray was one of first to go out to passage of news. "I wish you greatest success in project that now undertakes many congratulations!", tweeted Videgaray.

"I wish greatest success to my friend José Antonio Meade." It has been a great pleasure and an honor to be his partner in president's cabinet, he wrote, for his part, Aurelio Nuño. The Secretary of Education has been with Meade, or cabinet member who has rung more forcefully to opt for PRI's presidential candidacy. Nuño, who has not clarified if he will go to front of portfolio, still has until end of this week to present his credentials as an applicant. Who has been ruled out as an aspirant has been Secretary of interior, Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong. Despite good results of surveys, homicide figures, which point to Mexico's most violent Year in recent history, are a burden to ir aspirations.

The election of PRI candidate has been in suspense of ruling party for weeks. In last few days, uncertainty intensified. The last signal that fired speculations came from chancellor, Luis Videgaray, one of people closest to Peña Nieto. In an act before diplomatic corps accredited in Mexico last week, Videgaray filled Meade with praise. The Chancellor celebrated his "impeccable trajectory" and highlighted his "patriotism, intelligence and love" for country.

"With him, Mexico has a bearing and clarity," added chancellor, a phrase that many interpreted as determinant, boost of president's strong man to head of Mexican economy. Also, under circumstances, could mean opposite, because Videgaray, with his intervention, took prominence to president. After stir by words of Videgaray, this Thursday, Peña Nieto tried to downplay importance. "I think y are all very clueless, PRI will not choose its candidate from praise or applause." Everyone who got Meade this Monday.


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