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Peter Madsen admits to having dismembered the Swedish journalist

The inventor of the home submarine in which he died denies instead killing her

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Peter Madsen admits to having dismembered the Swedish journalist
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  • The inventor of submarine denies that he mutilated corpse of Swedish journalist
  • The decapitated corpse found in sea is that of Swedish submarine journalist

The Danish inventor Peter Madsen has admitted to having dismembered body of Danish journalist Kim Wall in his home submarine last August and have thrown pieces into sea but still denies killing her, as reported by Danish police in a statement this Monday. In its third version of facts, Madsen has assured investigators that woman died of carbon monoxide poisoning inside submarine, while he was on deck.

The disappearance of Wall, 30, was denounced by her boyfriend at dawn on Friday 11 August, hours after this climb aboard UC3 Nautilus — a submarine of almost 18 meters long and 40 tons — to interview inventor. Madsen was rescued from water that day after submarine sank. The investigation revealed that sinking was allegedly provoked by Madsen himself.

After 10 days of searching Baltic Sea, police found torso of a woman with no legs, arms or head. The DNA tests confirmed that torso is Wall, that body was deliberately cut, carrying a metal object fixed and presenting wounds to try to extract air and not surface.

Madsen, 46 years old, initially stated that he had landed a couple of hours after start of trip to journalist on an island in port of Copenhagen and n continued sailing until submarine suffered technical problems and sank.

The inventor later changed his statement and admitted to a court that "re was an accident aboard submarine that caused death of Kim Wall and n threw corpse into sea in an undefined place in Bay of Køge (souast of Copenhagen)" , according to Danish police. According to this second version, a heavy submarine hatch fell on his head, which killed her. The Court of first instance issued pre-trial detention for defendant for involuntary manslaughter, which was later added to crime of indecent treatment of corpse.

Madsen is a figure known in Denmark for his submarine designs and for being co-founder of Copenhagen suborbital firm, created in 2008 with aim of launching one day to space manned monoplaces and has already successfully launched several rockets Experimental without people on board.


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