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Pompeo trusts much of North Korea's disarmament to be completed in Trump's mandate

There is no more nuclear threat, proclaims the President of the United States on his return from the Singapore summit

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Pompeo trusts much of North Korea's disarmament to be completed in Trump's mandate

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Wednesday that "much" of nuclear disarmament to which North Korea has committed-vaguely-in its historic summit with Donald Trump in Singapore will be completed at end of presidency of Republican, in 2020. Meanwhile, he warned, that sanctions will only be lifted after a "complete denuclearization" and ensured that US Army would retake its joint military exercises with South Korea if it perceives that Kim Jong-un's regime ceases to negotiate in good faith . "There's a lot of work ahead," he emphasized.

Pompeo made se statements from Seoul, where he travelled to inform South Korean leaders about meeting between President Trump and North Korean dictator. His balance of quote clarifies euphoria expressed by his boss, who on landing in Washington literally gave up nuclear threat of Pyongyang. "We look forward to achieving this in next two and a half years," said top responsible for U.S. diplomacy, which also stressed: "Complete means verifiable to all who are involved."

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Trump had been shown plethoric on his Twitter account when he returned to Washington. "There is no longer any nuclear threat from North Korea. The meeting with Kim Jong-Un was an interesting and very positive experience. North Korea has great potential for future, "he said on social network. He also urged citizens to sleep peacefully thanks to this summit: "Before Presidency, people assumed that we would go to war with North Korea. The President (Barack) Obama said that North Korea was our biggest and most dangerous problem. No longer, sleep well tonight! "he wrote.

"The world has avoided a potential nuclear catastrophe," he said as well. Later, it reloaded against media, this time, by doubts y raise about strength of North Korean agreement and opinion of many analysts that victory of image and legitimization that Kim Jong has achieved-a solo in exchange for a or commitment. "Very funny to see ' fake news ', especially NBC and CNN. They are struggling hard to disparage agreement with North Korea. 500 days ago y would have begged for this agreement, it seemed that a war would be unleashed. " "The greatest enemy of our country is false news so easily proclaimed by fools," he emphasized.

In addition, Pompeo said on Thursday that Kim Jong-UN is aware that denuclearization must be carried out "urgently" and "fast form".


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