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Portugal's prime minister boasts accounts for one year of election

The opposition and its parliamentary partners mark their profile wielding the bad state of public health

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Portugal's prime minister boasts accounts for one year of election

The state of nation was state of health of Portugal. In Friday morning's parliamentary debate, Prime Minister António Costa presented legislature's best macroeconomic figures — and some of century — but opposition and left-wing partners criticized him for state of public health. Costa began parliamentary debate stating that y had fulfilled ir commitments to all: "We reached government three years ago with four objectives: to end austerity, relaunch economy, recover levels of social protection and balance Public finances. We have all fulfilled, we have reconciled end of austerity with fulfilment of European commitments. "

The Portuguese Prime Minister recalled that his Government's achievements have been made possible by support of its partners in Parliament, Bloco de Esquerda (BE) and Communists (PCP), who promised to "reject model of low wages and precarious jobs" that week Next are dealt with in labor reform.

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Criticism of lack of investment in transport and health did not tarnish judgment that same coast has of its two and a half years of government: "A positive balance", that its parliamentary partners Bloco and PCP share on one side and deny for anor. At one year of elections, which must be convened in autumn of 2019, each one insists on profiling more its electoral image. And in coming weeks, with labor reform debate and budgets of 2019, it will be accentuated. They will vote in favour of last budget of legislature, and at same time will shake street with Communist trade union CGTP, as it has already been announced, and call for strikes in transport, health and education.

Looking at numbers, Socialist government can smile: 7.3% of unemployment, minor since 2002; Growth of 2.7% last year, Greatest of Century (will fall this year to 2.2%); 0.9% deficit, lowest of democracy (0.7% this year), debt of 126%, four points less than a year ago; 21 million of tourists (7.8% of GDP)....

In that "Country of wonders," according to right-wing deputy Telmo Correia (CDS), leader of first parliamentary group, PSD Social Democrat, Fernando Negrão, recalled that country's growth is lower than 20 countries in Europe and that fiscal pressure They support today Portuguese is highest in history (37% by 34.7% of Spain); But Negrão hincó tooth in public services, especially in health. Negrão recalled resignation of Directors of hospital departments, closure of surgery services, lack of nurses and doctors, lack of beds... "The nature of majority of left is that of scorpion, it does not resist doing evil when it promises to make The good. This is a depleted government. " For leader of right-wing CDS, Assunção Cristas, if re is less unemployment today is result of labor law implemented during his government.

The Prime Minister's figures to refute criticism of health services did not prevent or groups from incidieraning in that criticism, albeit without so much pungency. Although health centers (130) and surgeries and medical care have increased, for cost part of problem is that ageing population has risen by 22% in four years.

"The nature of majority of left is that of scorpion, it does not resist doing evil when it promises to do good. This is a depleted government, "according to leader of PSD

Although country is objectively better than last year, PS of Costa has an intent to vote of 37%, 6.7 points less than a year ago, when country was burned by four sides and died 112 people. However, this fall in polls is not collected by any of or parties, which go up or down tenths.

"We have to reject model of low wages and precarious jobs", Antonio Costa promises

"We fulfilled everything we promised," Prime Minister assured. "With our own electoral program and with our partners, Bloco and PCP, who took us beyond our initial proposals."

Right and left only coincided in debate in criticisms of state of health. While for left is a consequence of lack of investment in Government's desire to reduce deficit, for right is a direct consequence of reduction of staff hours, from 40 to 35 hours weeks. A reduction that has not been sufficiently compensated by hiring of doctors, nurses or court clerks, as re is no money.

Jerome de Sousa, leader of PCP, demanded same as previous year and previous one, "a leftist patriotic policy, that government will put an end to euro's submission and renegotiate an unpayable debt." The leader of Bloco, Catarina Martins, also focused on submission of Government, which supports, rules of Brussels. "Every tenth finance Minister cuts deficit is a tenth that is taken away from investment in Portugal's health and education."

Although he did not speak, he was protagonist of debate Mário Centeno, Minister of Finance, President of Eurogroup, and protagonist of cuts of budgeted investments if it blocks accounts. Days before, in Committee on Budgets, Centeno had already warned members about risks of proposing income cuts and spending increases. "They will have to take on implications y bring," he said. Rye referred, in particular, to cut in petrol tax (60% of final price) proposed by right of CDS and supports left of BE. That cut would damage state coffers at 470 million euros, a quarter-point of GDP.

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