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Preliminary negotiations for Jamaica began

Three weeks after the elections in Germany, preliminary negotiations for the coalition government began. ' Jamaica ' appointments of three parties with different opinions and policies are expected to be tough.

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Preliminary negotiations for Jamaica began

Following general elections in Germany on September 24th, Coalition's preliminary negotiations between Christian Union Parties (CDU/CSU), Free Democratic Party (FDP) and Greens party began today. The negotiations between parties are difficult and long to be noted.

Among possible coalition options in Germany, Jamaican model stands out. The Jamaican model takes its name from colors of parties. It refers to Jamaican flag because of its green colors representing yellow and greens representing black, free Democrats representing Christian unity parties.

The Christian unity parties will begin drilling talks with free Democratic Party in Berlin today. Then he will meet with Greens party.


3 parties to convene on Friday

According to Deutsche Welle, continuation of preliminary negotiations is expected to gar representatives of FDP and Greens party on Thursday, and to gar approximately 50 representatives of three parties on Friday.

The Christian Social Union (CSU) President Horst Seehofer visited Greens party headquarters on Tuesday evening as part of preliminary negotiations. "Hopefully, we will spend more time toger in next week and months," Bavarian state Prime Minister Seehofer said, after a meeting with co-Chairs Cem Özdemir and Katrine Göring-Eckardt, saying it is important to meet personally.


Unity Message from Parties

Peter Tauber, secretary general of Merkel's Christian Democratic Unity party CDU, urged his party to cooperate in Jamaican negotiations to give FDP and Greens party a message to community. "There is no point in ignoring this, negotiations will be very challenging," Tauber said in a statement to German news agency DPA.

  • Tauber also pointed out that parties in different views, such as Greens, liberals and Christian unity parties, are also an important sign for community seeking unity.

The Greens Party stressed importance of unity. "The goal of future government should be to resolve divide and cross-cultural problems between rich and poor in community, between city and province," Anton Hofreiter, party's parliamentary group president, told news magazine Der Spiegel.


' Jamaica has an alternative '

The Jamaican coalition also has suspicious approaching politicians. Stefan Müller, a Christian Social Solidarity party, noted that "Jamaica is not an alternative". CSU Secretary-General Andreas Scheuer noted that unity parties are prepared for FDP and Greens parties, and that y will attend drilling negotiations in a stable and well-prepared manner.

The Liberal Free Democratic Party, which will be in possible Jamaican coalition, insists on an immigration act that makes a clear distinction between war refugees, refugees and immigrants. The party is said to change its stance in negotiations.

  • Prime Minister Merkel's party CDU and small partner of coalition, chairman of CSU, Horst Seehofer, are still in highest ratings from general elections, contributing to increase in voting of alternative (AfD) party for right populist Germany and refugee He's being criticized in party because of his policies in crisis. Merkel says coalition government cannot be established until Christmas time, like all parties.


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