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President Russian of Czech Republic wins first round of elections

Milos Zeman does not achieve the absolute majority and will face a European candidate in two weeks

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President Russian of Czech Republic wins first round of elections

The current head of State of Czech Republic, Eurosceptic Milos Zeman, aged 73, has won first round of presidential elections that have taken place between Friday and Saturday, although he has not achieved absolute majority that would have prevented second Return to be held in two weeks. With 99.6% of votes counted, Zeman has obtained 38.65% of support, according to Czech statistics office.

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A second round will also pass independent Jiri Drahos, a pro-European candidate and former president of Academy of Sciences, who has achieved 26.56% of vote. Zeman won in all regions with exception of capital, Prague, where, for moment, Drahos is imposed. With this result, Zeman and Drahos will face a second and definitive electoral round on January 26th and 27th.

According to several surveys, Drahos, 68 years old and whose critics reproach a lack of political experience, could win in second round, thanks to transfer of votes of eliminated candidates.

Jiri Drahos, this Saturday in Prague. DAVID W Cerny REUTERS

Nine candidates have participated in this first round. Polling schools have closed this Saturday at 14.00 hours. The participation was 61%, almost same as five years ago, when se elections were held for first time by direct suffrage, since before 2013 president was elected by 200 deputies and 81 senators in a joint session.

The former Czech ambassador to France, Pavel Fischer, has been in third place with 10.21%, followed closely by businessman and author of successful songs, Michal Horacek, with 9.16%, and Doctor Marek Hilser, with 8.82%. Horacek has said by knowing result that offers all its support, including election announcements, to Drahos in second round.

The first day of election, on Friday, was marked by action of a young Ukrainian militants of radical feminist group Femen who approached Zeman in ir electoral college. The activist, with naked torso, shouted several times Zeman, Putin's whore, before being put away by bodyguards of head of State.

The Czech president has few powers, but in case of Zeman he has stood out as a political leader. He has advocated an approach to Russia and China in face of European integration, with which he has been especially critical of migration policies.

Zeman has been willing to cooperate with Prime Minister Andrej Babis, whose political party, action of dissatisfied citizens (anus), won October legislative elections and ruled in a minority. Babis will submit on Wednesday to a motion of censure that will predictably lose, but Zeman has already advanced that give him a second chance.

This cooperation between President and Prime Minister is seen as a factor of stability by many Czechs. Ors, however, would prefer head of State to exercise a counterweight to executive.


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