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Professor Giuseppe Conte accepts the Commission to form a government in Italy

The figure of the jurist had been called into question for having falsified his curriculum

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Professor Giuseppe Conte accepts the Commission to form a government in Italy

Professor and lawyer Giuseppe Conte, 54 years and no political experience, has been commissioned by Italian head of state, Sergio Mattarella, to form a government. The potential prime minister, proposed by league and 5 stars Movement (M5S), had been subject of a polemic in last hours on account of a swollen curriculum. The lack of alternatives and majority of ir promoters have ended up imposing ir name. After his meeting with Mattarella, he tried to reassure his encouragement by ensuring that Italy will fulfil its commitments.

At 17.30 on Wednesday, Professor Giuseppe Conte, an absolute unknown to Italians, arrived alone in a taxi to hill of Quirinal from his law firm in center of Rome, paid career in cash and entered studio of windows of Palace pres Dential for first time in your life. An hour and 45 minutes later, an eternity for this type of encounters, with same White Folio folder he brought under his arm, he came back with mandate of Sergio Mattarella to form a government. If he succeeds, he will be President of Italian Council of Ministers number 65 in last 72 years. But he preferred to refer to himself as "defense attorney for all Italians."

More information
  • The President of Italy summons Professor Conte to form government
  • European Commission calls for cuts of about 5 billion to new Italian Government
  • League and 5 stars propose to Giuseppe Conte, a professor without political experience, as prime Minister of Italy

Conte, who immediately afterwards went to see Presidents of Parliament and Senate, knew that it was not preferred option of head of State. Also that Mattarella tried until last minute that scandals on his résumé — he considerably exaggerated his academic experience at foreign universities — and media pressure around him opened some or door. The professor endured, sought confirmation from his two promoters and spent a long night in sailing until he received call.

Conte's mission is unprecedented. The new prime minister, jurist and professor of private law at University of Florence, shall execute a program of 38 points and 58 pages sewn to pieces during a long negotiation between two antiestablishment parties. In spite of this, Wednesday tried to lower tension of last days and announced that it is aware of " delicate phase that crosses country" and international commitments of Italy. Among m, it respects issues such as completion of Bank Union project.

Now both formations will be distributed most relevant positions of executive and its two leaders occupy portfolios of Ministry of Interior (Salvini) and labor and Economic Development (Di Maio). But beyond ir executive functions, y will be guarantors to whom Conte will have to respond. The level of autonomy, ir ability to skip notes of score y have written are now great unknown.

The professor, for moment, is a técnócrata who will govern country without going through ballot boxes ( fifth consecutive). Exactly what 5 Star League and movement criticized for five years and promised to avoid. It will be subjected to scrutiny of two political leaders of very marked profile and constrained by a diffuse government contract that lacks a financial base to be carried out without reinventing seams of a public debt that already represents 130% of country. This was reminded on Wednesday at Conte employers of Italian entrepreneurs and fourth consecutive ascent of risk premium, which reached 200 points.

The government that will be born next week won't be bomb-proof. While in Chamber of Deputies re will be a certain amount of slack in Senate, with a majority of only six seats. So until last moment Salvini tried to attract pact to his partner coalition brors of Italy. His leader, however, loaded hard against him and rejected that possibility. A situation that will force both formations to be understood. Part of this is why a conciliation committee has been set up, a body parallel to Council of Ministers that will handle delicate agreements that may jeopardize delicate balance of forces.

In this exotic scheme of power will have to walk on Tiptoe Conte, who on Wednesday continued to appear shadows that added to exaggerations contained in his resume. In this case, it was a possible unpaid tax on a mortgage. However, pressure of league and Movement 5 stars, which have majority in parliament and threatened to Mattarella with elections and to go out in streets to protest if it did not accept to grant Commission to Conte, y have finished having effect and imposed to dud As president.

Almost three months after elections, it should now initiate a round of consultations with parties to elect Ministers. But you will find a ready-made list on which you will not be able to play a single comma. If you have passed that formalism, you will have to visit Mattarella to present your government and swear charge.


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