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Proud of their mutation-in this family have all 12 fingers and 12 toes

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Proud of their mutation-in this family have all 12 fingers and 12 toes

14 people, 168 fingers. Is re something wrong? At de Silva family from Brasilia (Brazil) A mutation has prevailed: 14 clan members have six fingers on each hand. and six toes on each foot.

A creepy abnormality? The de Silvas do not feel that way at all. You are looking forward to your extra fingers and have made special feature a hallmark. In city y are called "family of six". In a post of broadcast "Body Bizarre" (Thursdays, 11pm, TLC UK) They were main attraction.

The X-ray image shows that a total of six middle-hand bones ansetzenFoto at hand-root bone: Discovery/The Croft Productions

The de Silvas have an inheritable genetic called polydactyly, which will train an additional finger and toe, as reported by Daily Mail. About every thousandth baby is born with extra finger. If a parent is affected, re is a 50/50 chance that children will also train extra finger.

And if he's ever re, you can make best of it.

Also interesting

► Guilherme (7) says: "The coolest thing about it is that you can hold many things down."

► His cousin Maria finds: "I can play piano much better with twelve fingers."

► and Joao Assis, junior goalkeeper: "I can catch ball even if ors fail. I have a lot more grip. "

In dozen better...

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