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PSC: the syndrome Catalan Stockholm

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PSC: the syndrome Catalan Stockholm

CDC: journey from Ithaca to nothing

Locked in a Catalonia dominated politically by nationalism, PSC has always dreamed to differentiate fully from PSOE, although in spite of electors socialists are exactly same in Hospitalet Two Sisters or Betanzos. This was party that embraced Spanish speaking, an invention called work... until it is put on table right to decide. It made it More, igniting wick of process, a separatist, that was also fall of PSC, in form of hemorrhage overwhelming vote.

on August 1, 2009, when president of Government gave his nod to pardon of Council of Ministers that was going to rid man of prison, more likely it is that José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero did not know a great deal about him.

Maybe minister Caamaño he had been informed that person that was going to be object of his generous grace he exercised for several years as a tax consultant of Jordi Pujol in private affairs. And perhaps knew that anor of its main customers, owner of company Kepro, such a John Rosillo, promoter of one of biggest real estate transactions of last half century in Barcelona, project Diagonal Mar, had used a mentally disabled that he used to beg in Turó Park as a middleman for multimillion-euro project. It is even likely that it would have come to your ears and confidence of beggar in question appeared a day lost and starving in a suburb of Caracas after having been boarded by a stranger on a trans-atlantic flight that departed to America from El Prat airport.

controls of The PSC carried like a penance to be part of a party of English

But what with all safety ignored Zapatero was that Joan Antón Sánchez Carreté, by answering pardoned, had been many years before as secretary-general in Catalonia, a one party marxist-leninist-maoist), Labour Party, which had in its youth branch, called a Young Red Guard, with a certain leader of highest confidence, someone known within organization by motto of The Guerrilla, but whose real name was José Montilla Aguilera. The same as 1 August 2009 occupied office of Presidency of Generalitat of Catalonia.

This contingency so improbable, that The Guerrilla were to one day be highest authority of State in Catalonia, began, however, to become something possible thanks to persistence, beyond mid-80's, obligatory military service in Spain, which would repeal Aznar after be installed in The Moncloa. It turns out that executor of designs of almighty Josep Maria Sala, iron fist that controlled apparatus of PSC until outbreak of case Filesa, once we have exhausted all extensions possible for studies, only had only two options: or to join already, rows, or access to some position of city council member to ensure an indefinite extension while y were chaining ir mandates to municipal councils. And so it was as Miquel Iceta, right-hand side of Room, became a member of Government team of city Council of Cornellá that led Montilla. Their political careers will never part.

The Catalan was imposed on public space to be taken up by left

To understand PSC of Iceta and Montilla, a peculiar variant of Catalan Stockholm syndrome, do not serve treaties of political science, but, instead, an old film of Buñuel, The angel of death. Within a luxurious mansion, it must be remembered, is celebrated as a feast after that, without know why, all guests are trapped in room. Nothing in appearance would prevent m from crossing exit door that leads to street. But none dares to take plunge. The panic to leave house, which has taken hold of all of m, will be much even stronger than ir instinct of survival. In end, y perish within his cell imagined. So PSC and its chronic relation to pathological nationalism, domestic.

Since forever tormented in your inner selves for what y believe is a deficit of statement -to mean that misty entelechy metaphysics of statement what that means, controls on PSC likes to fantasize with idea of a final divorce with PSOE, but who in truth would like to separate it from ir own voters. And that is, to its very intimate desolation, electorate of PSC does not differ in any of electoral base of PSOE in rest of Spain; absolutely nothing.

One and or resemble like two drops of water. Something quite logical and predictable even for proven fact that three out of every four voters of PSC are to be children of parents born outside Catalonia. At or extreme, JxSí and CUP get support of, respectively, 82% and 73% of voters from family lineages native. Anor embarrassing mishap statistics in eyes of suffered Iceta: 70% of your voters declared castellanoparlante, compared to 82% of electors of JxSí that has by its own language Catalan. In everything else, does nothing distinguishes an average voter of PSC in Hospitalet anor of PSOE in Two Sisters or Betanzos.

Of those who really would like to separate socialists is ir voters

Also bulk of sociological base of PSC, in particular a 64% of total, is formed by inactive people, with a predominance of pensioners and retirees. As well as, in end, level of primary education is dominant in almost half of ir voters, 52% to be precise. The controls of PSC, of old it is known, carry that form part of a socialist party in Spanish as a bit of a penance divine that proceeds to face with silent and long-suffering resignation, but ir voters all results that are more thoroughbred than soda The Home.

After that purity iberian, however, re is one issue, that of passive acceptance on part of electorate of PSC, to exclusion of Spanish language both in institutional life as in network of public instruction, that is very difficult to understand outside walls of Catalonia. But re is a rational explanation both for compulsive obsession that show nationalists with language issue as for waiver to vindicate his own language by great mass castellanoparlante that, until very recently, used to support seamless to PSC in all elections.

The Catalonia modern, do not forget, is one of biggest melting pot of West, a melting pot of diverse origins, much more heterogeneous than mythical cases of Argentina or USA. In Catalonia, if you scratch up to third generation even Moreneta would have serious problems to be able to prove a genealogical tree without any mixture of foreign. An immense agglomeration, migration, thanks to which Catalan, a language to point of death at end of NINETEENTH century because of indifferent neglect to which it subjected its own speakers, became, from night to morning, in a very valuable identity card.

Fractured and overwhelmed by debt, party has had to sell ir headquarters

Jesús Royo Arpón, professor of Catalan Language (yes, Catalan) that his party, PSC, reported by to be mounted in headquarters table in defense of bilingualism, he was able to summarize it in a paragraph. This: "The tongue, which was in past and is about to be abandoned as a junk useless, suddenly became very useful: it worked as a brand differential between natives and outsiders. And that, of course, entailed consequences in regard to distribution of social goods. Those who have Catalan language as a mor tongue y value it as a mark between us and m. And immigrant appreciates it even much more, in so much that it is means to ascend a rung in social scale".

A judgment which is not free of any lucidity which is attributed to own Iceta argues that PSC was an invention called to endure while in Catalan society re existed right to not decide. Hence his unstoppable free fall from same moment in which Artur Mas, opened veda of process separatist.

With his continuing schizophrenia of national loyalties, elites of PSC embody at same time great success and great failure of catalanist political from its origins as a movement with a vocation hegemonic past in late NINETEENTH century. The great success because, unlike what would happen in Basque Country, speech Catalan has managed to almost monopolize de facto public space in Catalonia thanks to its assumption by left. And great failure because historical task that had been assigned to mselves Catalan of direction of PSC, nationalization of second-generation descendant of great mass of working people are welcome to Catalonia in 60's, has not been able to consummate, in spite of ir enormous efforts.

A failure whose manifestation first has been own internal split of PSC, a corollary of which is his irrepressible hemorrhage of votes in polls. Overwhelmed by debt, Executive committee of PSC just to sell building of calle Nicaragua in Barcelona, which housed headquarters of party.


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